Abram Interstate Insurance Services, Inc., CMGA

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Underwriting Summary

  • Repair shops ONLY, No Auto Sales
  • If towing services are provided, a max of 1 tow truck is allowed (No 24 hour towing.)
  • No bulk storage of new or used tires
  • No tire recapping or vulcanizing.
  • Spray painting operations must be preformed in booths that meet NFPA Standards for effective sprat booths. Fire suppression system is required.
  • Tire sales permitted if revenue does not exceed 25% of total annual revenue.
  • Welding area must be free of flammables/ combustibles.
  • Must be in business for 3 years or 3 years prior management experience in the same type of business.


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Package: Property & General Liability

Higher Deductibles Available

Optional Coverages

  • GaragePac affords the following coverage:Business personal property which includes employee tools and equipment.
    Theft of employee tools is subject to $500/ EE / 2,500/ OCC.
    $25,000 Motor Vehicle Damage to leased buildings
    $25,000 / Premise per occurrence communication supply services.
  • Broad form products coverage is available as an option.
  • Business income available