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Home Sales Still Rising | Homeowners Insurance Product Highlight

Published on August 8, 2017

Did you know…?

  • There are projected to be nearly 1/2 million house resales in CA in 2017? (Source)
  • That’s an 8% increase in resales over last year
  • The Median house price on CA Resales is projected to be $525,000

Even though the millenial generation is buying homes at an older age than previous generations, we’re still seeing a growth in our housing market in California, which means, there’s still all of those existing homes that are falling into new hands and needing new Homeowners Insurance Policies issued. Of these homes, some will be regular, Main St. type risks, but many are older, have prior losses, are in areas that have high fire ratings. We can help with that.

Abram Interstate often has the opportunity to write a policy to fit the risk rather than the risk fitting the policy guidelines. That means that you can get a tailored policy that makes sure your customers are truly getting the coverage they need. No more trying-to-fit-a-square-peg-into-a-round-whole nonsense.

We are experts in providing the appropriate coverage for these sometimes hard-to-place housing risks:

  • Older
  • Losses – particularly water
  • Animal exposure
  • On Acreage
  • Slope
  • Foundation
  • Etc.


Wholesale Homeowners & Dwelling Fire Insurance Product Highlights:

  • Products for main street homes as well as High Value Dwellings
  • Coverage limits available from $50,000 to $50 million *subject to policy form
  • Extended replacement cost available for HO3 policy forms *some restrictions may apply
  • Deductibles starting at $1,000 for main street homes
  • Wood roofs acceptable with proper updates and treatment
  • LLC’s and Trusts acceptable as named insured
  • Vacation rentals can include premises liability and contents



Abram Interstate Insurance Services, Inc. is a California wholesale insurance broker (CMGA) that has licensing and expertise to place business in both admitted and non-admitted markets for personal lines insurance and commercial lines insurance in California and surrounding areas.

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