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Tips for productivity: Use weekly reviews for clarifying goals and paths to success

Published on June 10, 2014

It might sound improbable to say that setting aside time each week to stop doing tasks could actually make you more productive. But hear us out.

Building a regular weekly review into your regime can give you the kind of focus and big-picture orientation that will actually free up your time and help you to more efficiently work toward and meet your goals. Designer Bradley Glicksman talks about this and other great principles on his blog. He admits that he was slow to try out this particular productivity trick, but once he implemented it, he saw it’s effects immediately, so much so that when he brother came into town for a visit and he put off his regular weekly review, he was totally thrown off the next week.

We think that the clarity a weekly review can offer is worth far more time than it takes to actually accomplish. By taking time each week either alone, or with your team to review what you did, and to look at what you need to do next, you’re able to stick your head above the water of tasks and actually look at the bigger projects, giving you context and vision for the next week of practical tasks.

Glicksman writes:

The review is a low energy task that doesn’t require too much focus and concentration.

The reviews reminded me of the importance of the big picture. It showed me how important it is to understand context when deciding what tasks were more important and which I should work on at any given moment.

Whatever system you use I urge you to add a review. It might not seem important, but it shows you the context within which you work. Your system should also provide a way to add constraints to tasks so when you’re looking for something to do you can match the constraints on the tasks with the constants you find yourself under at the moment.


We at Abram Interstate have been adopting this ourselves and we’d love for you to join in on the productivity process! And share with us what’s working or not working for you on our facebook page (click facebook icon right above this post).

Do you ever re-route your gps (or iphone maps app) when you’re on your way somewhere new? I do this constantly. I re-route, not because I’ve gone off course, but because I want to make sure I’m seeing where I am, and how long it should take me now to get where I am going. It also shows me options of which ways to go.large__4225307113

That’s essentially what a weekly review does. It re-routes you, not meaning that you need to change course, but it allows you to check your progress, see where you are in regards to your goals, and helps you to see the path ahead of you more clearly than you can see from the road (or tasks) right in front of you.


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