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Who Cleans Your Office? | Janitorial Insurance Product Highlight

Published on June 27, 2017

wholesale insurance for janitorial services

Within the cleaning services industry, there are two main sectors: residential and commercial. Residential cleaning is usually handled by maid service companies, while in the commercial market, Janitorial Service Companies handle the cleaning.

In your Insurance Agency office, who handles the cleaning? Many (if not most) offices contract out this work to an outside party in order to free up their employees to have more time to focus on their main work.

A janitorial service company will usually take care of the office’s needs for carpet/floor care, window cleaning, bathroom cleaning, etc.

And those janitorial companies need Janitorial Insurance. When you provide the business insurance coverage that the janitorial companies need, you help protect an essential cog in the operation of many, many offices and business throughout California.

According to America’s Small Business Development Centers, “The cleaning services industry is a $46 billion dollar industry. The industry is expected to grow 5.5% annually.”

SBDC also reports that according to the latest Economic Census, California has more janitorial businesses than any other state. In fact, Manta shows listings for 14,958 janitorial services businesses within California. We are also the state with the highest sales for janitorial businesses, with these potential insurance clients of yours bringing in $3,436,492,000 annually.

If you think about the few common denominators between all offices, the fact that they all need to be cleaned may be one of the largest. We have the wholesale Janitorial Insurance they need to be able to do what they do best.

Get them the Janitorial Insurance coverage they need. We’ll help.

Janitorial Insurance Product Highlights:

Package: Property & General Liability
Monoline General Liability

$0 Deductibles and Higher Deductibles Available Also

Optional Coverages

  • Tools and Equipment
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Inland Marine

Underwriting Summary

  • Commercial & Residential Available.
  • No exterior work above 3 stories
  • Please provide sales, payroll, number of active owners, and number of employees

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