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2 Things To Know When Insuring High Value Homes | PL Product Highlight

Published on June 19, 2018


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High Value Homeowner’s Insurance policies have more components than a typical personal lines homeowner insurance policy, which can explain why some of you (Insurance Agents) may be unsure about how or where to place these risks.

It’s not just the expensive residences themselves that have more intricacies, custom finishes, specific materials and construction methods etc., but high net-worth clients regularly have more items in their homes that need to be covered, like jewelry, fine art, coin collections, and others that may need to be scheduled.

Because these High Value Homeowner Insurance policies are more complicated and detailed, they need to be handled carefully and thoroughly, especially in a litigious state like California. That is what makes many agents shy away from this type of business, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

While these risks may be daunting, you shouldn’t turn them away because Abram is here to help you! In California there’s a sizable market for you to write this line of business. These high net-worth clients will often return to you with other lines of business for you to write if you have handled their home well. While Personal Lines might not even be your main focus as an Insurance Agent, learning how to market for and cover these High Value Homeowner risks can lead you into the kinds of business you do focus on in lucrative ways.

Here’s a couple of practical tips from Abram Interstate’s Personal Lines Department:

  • Disclose any type of quirks or strange situations occurring in the home, even if you might not know how to deal with it. It’s better to disclose it up front so we can make sure it gets properly insured than having to go back later after an inspection and deal with it then.
  • Our policies for High Value Homes have different sub limits for different categories of items (i.e. limits on jewelry, fine arts, and coins). These items really should be scheduled. If the insured does not want to schedule items, we suggest that you as their insurance agent at least inventory the items with the customer. If the customer doesn’t want to schedule some of these belongings, have them sign some a disclosure/waiver saying they know coverage may not be provided for these items. This will make sure your customer understands exactly what is covered in the event of a loss.

We at Abram Interstate are here to help you secure the kind of High Value Home Insurance Coverage these homes need. We know you can handle these risks well with the right attitude and effort. It’s a viable market in California, so start marketing for it now.

Our Wholesale High Value Homes Insurance Product

  • Limits From $1,000,000 to $50,000,000
  • All Protection Classes Available
  • HO-3 Form with Extended Replacement Cost
  • 70% Personal Effects Coverage Available / Scheduled Personal Property
  • Personal Injury / Inflation Guard / Increased Ordinance or Law
  • Water Back up Coverage Available
  • Air Bnb / Seasonals / Secondary Homes
  • In Home Business Coverage Available
  • Equipment Breakdown/ Service Line
  • Named Insured as Trust, LLC, or Corporation
  • Identity Fraud / Eco Coverage

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