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3 Tips to Getting Past the Age Barrier | Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on July 23, 2015

Being an independent insurance agent definitely has it’s perks, a major one being that you are your own boss. That’s a double-edged sword, though, because at the end of the day the bottom line comes down on you and no one else.

Being a young insurance agent in the industry (or just young looking) can also make that a harder hurdle to pass over.

Brent Kelly, an insurance agent in Illinois, recently shared some tips he’d learned along the way with Insurance Business of America. He began his time in the business at the age of 22. While he had great training and mentors, he still encountered the regular dilemma of being turned down for looking too young. Now, 14 years later, he has some tips to offer you if you face the same challenge:

  1. Acknowledge You are Young
    Don’t hide the elephant in the room. Why? If you are new and look young you will not be fooling anyone trying to use big terms or grow a cool mustache. Believe me, I have tried both. The best thing to do is just acknowledge the fact that you are young in the industry and see if that is a deal breaker. Why wait? One of my favorite lines from my early sales training years was a question the instructor asked over and over again: “When would you like to know they won’t buy from you?” The answer every time, “Now is good.”
    Surprisingly, I have often found that the “too young” objection was more in my head than in my prospect’s head. If I brought this issue to the table right away I found that many prospects would reply, “I don’t care about that, just take care of me.” Once you realize that this will not be a stumbling block, you can move forward.
  2. Use Youth as a Strength
    One of my favorite methods when I was new and in my 20s was to use my youth as strength. Let’s face it. When you are new you most likely have a smaller book of business, you’re hungry, and most importantly you can and should do anything to make your prospects and clients believe they are your most important clients. Guess what, they are!
    Let the prospect understand how important they are to you and how you can focus a great deal of time and attention just to their needs. There is a good chance they are receiving little to no attention from their agent now so this can be a huge selling tool.
    Over deliver. Call back right away. Follow-up immediately. Be proactive to their needs. These are traits that should be used by agents and their staff all the time, but make sure your prospects understand and believe your commitment to them.
  3. Find a Niche
    Most successful salespeople will tell you that finding a niche where you can become a known, trusted advisor was a key to their success. This should be especially true for young insurance agents. Insurance is a complicated and expensive product. Prospects want to know you are credible. Finding a niche where you can make your presence known is a great way to build credibility quickly. It also allows you to understand your niches culture and language. Prospects want to know that you understand their business as much as your own.
    Niches don’t have to be just industry related. Yes, you can become an expert in restaurants, technology companies, or manufacturers, but don’t forget about product or relational niches. You could become an expert on professional liability or workers compensation. You could become the go-to person at your local chamber of commerce. The key is to find a niche that you love and where you can gain visibility and expertise quickly. Developing these niches can dramatically decrease the “too young” objection.


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