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3 Tips to Revitalize Your Insurance Agency | Business Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on February 9, 2017

Being an Independent Insurance Agent comes with a lot of perks. Many of you are your own bosses — you make your own hours, you get what you put in, you have freedom. You also have the freedom to go with many different carriers. You get control over how you market to your potential customers and to decide what you specialize in.

But, every Independent Insurance Agent can use a little help, as it can be tough sometimes to be independent and to go it on your own (or with your own team).

Here’s 3 tips for helping your insurance agency:

  1. When you market via social media, share information useful for your customers.
    • What you share on your Facebook, in your fliers, in your newsletters, etc should be information that is not riddled with insurance jargon. It should be simple to understand, and it should help your customers either become more informed or connect with them on their own level. An occasional post for your fellow insurance agents may be appropriate, but be clear in your personal goals of what mediums you’re using for marketing and what mediums you’re trying to use for networking — and marketing is for customers, not for networking. Which leads us to….
  2. A handwritten thank you note will make you memorable.
    • When I bought my first house I received a handwritten thank you note from the insurance agent I ended up going with to insure my property. Her customer service continually puts her over the top in a way that makes me stay with her, even though I may save money elsewhere. A handwritten note sends the message that you have the time to think of them, and therefore will probably have the time should they ever need you for a claim, question, or something else. In a world of e-mails, stand out with ink.
  3. Being Independent can be lonely; reach out to mentors and peers
    • Anyone who has been an entrepreneur can tell you the road, while full of freedom, can be lonely at times. Seek out others in your field and out of it to lend an ear, to be a support system, and to be someone who you can call to pick their brain when you just aren’t sure how to proceed. Just because you’re an independent insurance agent doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. That’s something we’re passionate about at Abram Interstate. We want to provide you with education, resources, markets, and a staff of real people who are here to help.

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