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6 Tips to Self-Motivate | Business tips for Insurance Agents

Published on June 2, 2016

“Want free dinner?” he asked me.

“Obviously,” I replied snidely. “How?”

“Sell ten of our drink specials and I’ll buy your dinner tonight.”

Once upon a time I was a server in a small upscale restaurant. One of our bar tenders was especially great to work with as he always seemed to be in good spirits. He worked hard and always had jokes and encouraging or enlightening comments up his sleeve.

And one particularly tiring Tuesday I walked in for my shift that evening and the bartender gave me that challenge. All the sudden I was excited to be at work. I was talking up the drink specials at each table which made me more interactive, and every drink special I sold felt like a small victory.

I’d come back to the bar with each new order and a certain gleam on my face, reporting my progress. He’d extended the offer to the other servers as well, but no one was selling like me, so soon, everyone was just cheering me on.

It was a particularly slow weeknight with only a few patrons per server throughout the short dinner hour. I only ended up selling 9 of the drink specials in the night, so I had to buy my own dinner. But, I sold the specials to over half of the patrons that I had in my section, I had a blast, and for a seriously slow night, I made better tips and a better sales per customer average than any night in a long time.

Sometimes, someone will show up and know exactly how to motivate us. For me, turning something into a game or competition does that big time. The reality is that those moments are few and far between. Good bosses, and sometimes even good co-workers can show up to motivate us, but often, we have to be responsible for our own boost in morale.

Of course, everyone is motivated in different ways. Do you know what motivates you and gets you moving?

Here are 6 ideas from Entrepreneur.com you can instigate to help boost your (and maybe even your fellow insurance agents’) motivation momentum:

1. Make a plan.

Making goals is an obvious way to motivate yourself. But a goal is useless without a plan to execute on it. You too should develop and write down your personal and professional plan, including short term and long term goals. This plan will not and should not be penned and framed, as it is organic and will change as your personal and professional circumstances change. The purpose here is to have a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish personally and how you will achieve it.

2. Set time for yourself.

Because Insurance Agents can often get completely caught up in their business, it is important to set personal time during the day for yourself. During this time, allow yourself the flexibility to take a walk, think and meditate or even exercise. As well, leverage this time to eat properly and drink water, two crucial habits that will go a long way to helping you stay focused.

3. Set rewards.

We are naturally wired to react to incentives, so be prepared to reward yourself for accomplishing a goal or maintaining a habit. You should recognize and reward small victories along the way to long-term, broader goals.

4. Engage friends.

Sometimes the best motivation comes from peer pressure. Engage your friends and colleagues to help motivate you both toward individual and shared goals.

5. Indulge in inspirational activities.

Sometimes, you just need to look outside your circle for motivation. When this happens, re-watch a movie that you found inspiring. During your lunch break, watch a TED talk. Or listen to an inspirational podcast during your commute, on your daily walk or while you are enjoying your personal time alone.

6. Sleep.

Finally, never underestimate the value of a good night sleep for personal motivation.

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