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4 Customer Service Tips for Independent Insurance Agents

Published on August 18, 2016


Many of us have paid our dues working in various service industry jobs. Whether that’s waiting tables, working retail, or something else of the source, those lessons learned are still valuable for you as an Independent Insurance Agent.

QQ Solutions has some tips to help you improve your customer service skills and win new insurance customers.

4 Customer Service Tips for Independent Insurance Agents:

1. Make Time for One-on-One Interviews

People will want to meet you in person. After all, they will want to have confidence in you before entrusting you with their insurance needs. The business relationship between you and your clients can last for years, so make it easy for them to schedule a time to sit down with you and ask any questions they have. If you make them feel valued and respect their time, they will be far more likely to choose you. Offer to explain any and all of your services and methods so they are fully knowledgeable about you as an agent.

2. Make Sure Your Website is Comprehensive and Easy to Use

Clients will most often find you through some sort of online interaction, which means that you need to put on a great first impression when they arrive at your website.

Provide a customer-friendly experience online by having your products/types of business clearly stated, and a quick way to get a quote and/or get ahold of you, either online, or on the phone. It’s also helpful if you have your background as an insurance agent easily visible so they don’t have to wonder or search too hard to find out who you are and why they should trust you with their business.

3. Put Yourself in Their Shoes

When you speak with prospective clients, remember that they are people with families, lives, and jobs. Get to know them by starting the conversation on a light note. Ask about these things and you will make them feel more at ease before you start to talk business. Making your potential clients feel comfortable is important, and ultimately they will feel better working with you if they feel valued by you.

4. Ask Customers to Spread the Word

If you have a great experience with a client, ask them to tell their friends and family about it. People have absolutely no problem recommending an agent to their friends and family, especially if they feel like the agent is knowledgeable and nice. By encouraging your clients to spread their positive stories about working with you, you’re providing a service to new clients before they even walk in the door!

We all know that this is a customer-oriented business, but amid the stresses of everyday life as an independent agent, it can be easy to lose focus. Try these tips, and share with us on Facebook or LinkedIn about how it goes or other tips you have to share!

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