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4 Tips for Achieving Goals This Year | Business Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on January 14, 2016

“I have a grand plan for life,” a date told me once.
“Oh?” I said. “And what is this grand plan?”
“To make millions and have a lake house,” he said simply.

“And…?” I asked, confused.
“And what?” he asked.
“And what is your plan to achieve that?” I asked.
“That’s the plan.”

The problem with his logic is the same problem many of us have that gets in ways of achieving what we want in life.

Our last business tips blog post dealt with 4 tips to creating effective goals as we begin a new year. This week, we have some tips for you to help you actually achieve those goals.

4 Tips for Achieving Your Goals This Year

  1. Plans are different than goals. Goals are what you want to achieve, plans are how you get there. This man’s “grand plan” was actually a goal (and not a strong one that is probable to be achieved as he had no set parameters like the goals we talked about last time). First you need to define your goals, then the next step is to start figuring out your plan of action as to how you can achieve those goals.
  2. Break your plan into parts. If your goal is to have X new customers by the end of the year, break it down. How will you achieve that goal? Probably not by focusing in hard on it next fall. In this instance your plan might include a several parts. First you might reach out to all of your existing customers and ask for reviews on your online yelp and google business pages. After that you may design an incentive program that gives gift cards to current customers when they refer their friends for business. In summer you might run an ad campaign on your local television and radio stations. And on and on. Your plan could be simple and be put into place right away, or it might involve several different aspects that will all work together to help you reach your end goal. But you won’t know which it is until you sit down and start to actually break out your parts of your plan.
  3. Define the tasks that comprise your plan. If your plan is, like the last example, to run an ad campaign on local television and radio stations, you need to define what tasks you need to do to set that plan in motion. You’ll need to do research on what stations have those options and what the costs are. You’ll have to look at your budget and your goals and decide how long you want the ad to run. You’ll have to write yourself a script or find someone to write the script for you. You’ll have to record said ads. You’ll need to check on them throughout their tenure to see how often they’re running. And at the end of it all, you’ll need to figure out a way to find data to evaluate whether it was an effective plan or not so you can know whether it’s something you’d be interested in repeating in the future. Every part of a plan is comprised of several tasks, and the most accomplishable plans are those with defined tasks.
  4. Evaluate your status several times throughout the year. How many times have we set up goals for ourselves for a year, only to then in November revisit that list and see that we’ve completely forgotten to attend to some of them throughout the year? Many times. That’s how many. Keep your goals visible, go back to them often, and keep track of your progress evaluating whether you need to put other plans in place, change course, or change goals altogether. It’s ok if midyear you decide that a goal you’d made in January is not longer as important or viable in August and you want to change. But do it as a conscious decision, not just decided by the fates because you forgot about it in the midst of the everyday hustle.

What are some of your business or personal goals for the year? We’d love to hear about them! Share with us on our facebook page!

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