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4 Tips for Training Young Agents | Business Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on May 19, 2016

Many of you leaders of the insurance work force are of an age that’s hitting its sweet spot. You’ve been at it long enough to have expertise and experience, and you’re still young enough that you have energy and drive.

And the younger generations that our industry is hiring would also argue that they have energy and drive. The thing is, both generations have those things, but in different ways.

It’s not a new story. The older generations are being joined by the younger, and challenges ensue.

However, it’s a necessary step to hire some younger team members, and while training them may be different than training someone from an older generation, it doesn’t have to be more arduous.

Here’s some great tips from Insurance Splash for training young or inexperience insurance agents who are joining your team at your agency.

1) Forget About How Hard it Was For You

Agents love telling me about how hard it was for them to get their start.

No training, no leads, no nothing. Just a phone book and a finger to dial with.

It might be true that it worked out for you, but here’s a few other truths:

  1. The more you support your new staff, the more money you’ll make.
  2. Forcing new employees to “figure it out themselves” causes lots of turnover.
  3. Many younger people weren’t lucky enough to be taught the value of persistence and hard work while growing up like you were. (Not all of them of course)

To be 100% honest, I think the “I had to figure it out myself so they should too” approach is really just a way for agents to justify being less involved and/or not having to learn new skills.

It’s an excuse. And if you read this article you won’t have to use it any more.

2) Force Them to Practice

3 Truths about practicing sales:

  • Everybody hates it.
  • Everybody gets better from it.
  • Nobody will do it on their own consistently without nudging.

Your new salespeople should be practicing sales every single day.

3) Make Behaviors The Goals

The worst goal you can give to a new salesperson is “make X sales this month”.

Set goals for the behaviors that result in sales like:

  • Ask for X referrals every day.
  • Talk about life insurance with X new customers every day.
  • Give out X business cards every day.
  • Make X new LinkedIn Connections every week.
  • Make X outbound phone calls every day.
  • Visit X local businesses every week.

Think of it like baseball.

Of course runs are the only thing that really counts, but do baseball managers push their players to score runs? Or do they push them to do the things that result in runs?

4) Make Them Identify Buying Triggers (Other Than Price) For Every Lead

When you’re new to sales, it’s hard to comprehend the idea that anybody cares about anything other than price.

Force your new salespeople to identify a buying trigger for every new lead.

And it can never be price.

It’s okay to acknowledge that price is often the largest factor, otherwise you’d lose credibility, but you have to train your new salespeople to see for themselves that despite what people say, there’s always more to the equation than price.

And of course, help connecting them to quality products and markets they can make available to their customers will be invaluable to them.
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