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4 Tips to Creating Good Goals | Business Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on December 31, 2015

As we finish up the 2015 year it’s time to start formulating your Insurance Agency’s business goals for the coming year. (Or maybe goals for you personally as an Insurance Agent for next year.)

Here are four tips for creating goals that actually work:

  1. Make your goals Simple.
    • Your goals are not your plans for achieving them, your goals are the endgame. They should be simple to articulate. If you think of it in terms of the personal realm, your goal might be to lose 15 pounds this year. Or your goal might be to run twice a week every week. Those are two different goals though. One might be a way to achieve the other, but be specific about what the END GOAL is that you really want.
  2. Make your goals Specific.
    • Don’t just say “we want to do to more business.” Focus your attention: Do you want more business from Commercial Lines customers? Do you want more business on a specific insurance product, or from a specific area? Do you want higher customer retention? What specifically are you after this year?
  3. Make your goals Quantifiable.
    • You need to include measurable aspects in your goals to be able to know whether you’ve checked them off or not. “Do better with our customer service” is a very subjective goal. You could come to the end of 2016 and have everyone on your team have a different opinion of whether you achieved that goal or not. But if you made it quantifiable and created a goal to “Boost our policy count from return customers by 15%,” then there will be no debate: Either you’ll achieve it or you won’t. (And if you fall short of this goal, you’ll have a firm number showing you how far you had to go.)
  4. Make your goals with time constraints.
    • Maybe your goals will be year-long goals. Maybe you have a vision for your five year goals and 2016 will play a part in it. Maybe you want some of your goals to be accomplished by the end of the first quarter. Whatever your time line is, your goals need time parameters. You and your team need deadlines to know when the goals have to be accomplished in order to be counted complete.

And once you come up with your goals, you’ll need to develop plans for how to achieve those goals. Check back for those tips next time on our Business Tips for Insurance Agents blog posts.

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