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A Market too Big to Ignore | Restaurant Insurance Product Highlight

Published on February 7, 2017

wholesale restaurant & bar insurance ca
Not only does California grow and provide food for the rest of the country, we eat a lot of it too — not just at homes, but in restaurants.  Restaurants are a major part of California’s economy. Their tax revenues, the jobs they provide, and the ways they feed and are a part of people’s everyday lives make restaurants a staple in our state.

Did you know?

  • California has 68, 144 eating and drinking establishments.

  • In 2015, California Restaurants made $72.3 billion

  • The latest data shows that 1,781,300 people are employed by restaurants in California

Abram Interstate has a broad product offering for insuring restaurants & bars in California. We have wholesale restaurant insurance, wholesale liquor liability insurance, wholesale bar insurance, and more. You can be the insurance agent who secures the wholesale restaurant insurance your local establishments need to do business and to make sure they’re protected. We’ll help you.

Know someone who’s interested in starting a restaurant? Refer them to these helpful FAQs about starting a restaurant from the money section of About.com.   Then get them the restaurant insurance coverage they need to get started. We have the wholesale restaurant and bar insurance markets you need to do just that.

Restaurant & Bar Insurance

Underwriting Summary

  • Commercial Property, Commercial GL & Liquor Liability on one policy
  • No seasonal operations.
  • Low minimum premiums
  • Up to $5M annual sales at each location.
  • Accounts with Dancing and Entertainment are eligible
  • Hoods, ducts, grease filters, and surface cooking equipment, including deep fat fryers, must be protected by a UL listed automatic fire extinguishing system.

Optional Coverages

  • Business income and extra expense.
  • Building owners endorsement
  • Spoilage coverage automatically provided for $5,000.
  • Power PAC Endorsement.
  • Eating establishment endorsement is available as an option (mutually exclusive with Power Pac Endorsement)
  • Restaurant Equipment that is permanently installed is included in the building limit. For tenant occupancy, it should be separately listed as restaurant equipment.

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