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6 Tips for Success for Young or Inexperienced Insurance Agents

Published on August 6, 2015

grid-cell-4890-1399488681-2While working as an insurance agent involves sales, selling insurance is different than selling other products.
Insurance is one of the most expensive products people buy, and it’s not a product that they can see or touch.

Your product, insurance for their home, business, or farm, is an idea, a guarantee that should unfortunate things happen, they’ll be OK. You’re selling an idea, and you’re selling yourself.

This challenge of the industry is an obvious factor that leads to the industry’s high turnover rate, with many insurance sales people quitting in their first years.

We at Abram Interstate hate to see producers fail, and we hate to see established agencies miss out on a large pool of inexperienced, yet open-minded talent with potential. So we’ve gathered some tips from John F. Carroll on Insurance Splash to help new or inexperienced agents progress and do well in this industry:

6 Tips for Success for Young or Inexperienced Insurance Agents:

Find Common Ground

Regardless of your prospect’s age or background there’s always something you have in common. Find it.
Did you grow up in the same neighborhood? Like the same baseball team?  Shop at the same grocery store? Do you both love your family? Ask questions and figure it out so you can focus on the commonalities and skip over the rest.

Listen to Your Phone Voice

Record your voice on the phone while talking to some clients.
Do you sound smart?
Do you sound confident?

Speak Less, Listen More

As a young or inexperienced salesperson, there’s always an impulse to demonstrate your knowledge. You want prospects to see you know your stuff because you’re a bit worried about it yourself. The more you talk or explain things they didn’t ask about, the more obvious it is how much you don’t know. And the more likely you’ll elicit a question you can’t answer!

Don’t Spew Features

When you’re new to selling it’s common to focus on product features rather than benefits. At some point you learned all 10 features of a product and you’re anxious to prove your knowledge by telling customers about all 10 of them. Unfortunately they don’t care about all of them. There’s maybe one or two features that interest them and  you’re better off asking questions to identify the client’s needs so you can explain how your products will satisfy those needs than trying to explain everything. Don’t spew features on your clients; identify their needs and satisfy them.

Don’t Use Jargon

Nothing says “bad salesperson” more than using jargon to someone that doesn’t understand it. There is no better way to show prospects you don’t [care] about them than by using terminology no one outside your industry should know! When you’re new, you have a unique advantage of being able to relate to clients as an outsider. People will actually relate better to you if they feel like you’re still on their side. You haven’t crossed over to the “insurance salesman” side. Don’t use jargon, it only makes you look like you’re hiding something.

Recognize and Act on Buying Signals

I’ve witnessed a lot of new salespeople shoot themselves in the foot because they didn’t know when to shut up. When someone is ready to buy, let them do it. If it’s that important to explain everything then go ahead and do it… after you get their signature and a check!

One last tip from us at Abram Interstate:

Take advantage of


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