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6 words, 6 meanings: Clear communication in the digital age

Published on February 12, 2015


Everyone who works at Abram Interstate has heard our President and CEO ask them to say the following sentence several times, each time placing the emphasis on a different word:

I didn’t say you were beautiful.

And everyone one of us Abram Interstate team members has had the realization then that this simple, 6 word sentence can actually mean 6 different things depending on which word you emphasize. That’s the crux of our language skills and the issue of communication, especially in this digital information age: We often may write an email, or a text message that could be interpreted and several ways.

Even phone calls leave us with a handicap. Communicating clearly is already a tricky thing, then take away the 80% of communication that comes from body language, and we’re left with only a 20% capacity out of out normal not-quite-always-effective communications skills to deal with anyone who is not standing right in front of us.

One of the business (and personal) takeaways from this revelation is the need to be intentional about our messages we send while we’re doing business. Even internally among your own team, it’s helpful to double-check your message before you send it and pave a path of clear communication. The technologies available to us give us the opportunity to stay more connected as long as we learn how to adapt our communication styles and continue to be effective in the ways we interact with one another. Messages don’t have to be long — just clear.

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