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9 Great Tips for a Better Company Culture

Published on October 22, 2015

Every company has a culture, a feeling, an identifying force in how you work and how you present yourself to the world. What’s yours? Is your company culture as good as it could be?

A business’ culture is influenced by the employee personalities, of course, but it doesn’t have to be exclusively decided by that. As your insurance agency grows and you add more members to your team, it’s good to think about what you want the culture of your business to be, before it starts developing on its own without your influence.

Google has a company culture of outside the box environments. They’re notorious for their interesting work spaces, their flexible schedules, and their way of encouraging employees to take a break when they have a productivity block.

Apple has a company culture of customer service with a smile. The employees at any apple store you walk into will be wearing clearly labeled shirts and will assist you with whatever your needs are. The culture transfers from branch to branch of their store.

These businesses crafted their cultures to be what they wanted them to be. That kind of continuity throughout their company doesn’t happen by accident.

But you can better your company culture, too. Mashable writer Lauren Drell has 9 great tips that you can use to better your company culture.

9 Great Tips for a Better Company Culture


1. Always Be Hiring

Re frame your mindset if you think of hiring as a project to check off a list. A growing, vibrant business will be fluid with the movement of people — people who move within the company, and an influx of new people with great talent suited for your needs as you need them.

2. Encourage Entrepreneurial Thinking

“Inside of a startup, each and every person needs to think like an owner and an entrepreneur,” says Levo League CEO and co-founder Caroline Ghosn, who encourages people to ponder the thought, ‘What would I do if I were running this company?’ “Getting each and every person comfortable with asking for forgiveness, not permission, allows the entire team to benefit synergistically from their talents as a team being greater than the sum of our parts as individuals.”

3. Remember that Your People Are Your Business

“Great people versus okay people is the difference between success and mediocrity — and it is something that founders spend far too little time on early on.” – Brett Lewis, founder of Skillbridge

4. Lead by Example

“As a leader in a company, everyone feeds off of what you do — the culture starts with you,” says Unroll.me co-founder Jojo Hedaya. “If you come in early, are always focused and happy, it sets the tone for the rest of the team.”

5. Character Counts

“Our employees have to have the same qualities as our brand — authenticity, quality and attention to every detail,” says Matt Baldwin of Kansas City-based business, Baldwin Denim

6. Don’t Underestimate Freelancers

 “I like to say we have an army of freelancers, which means I can hire great talent without having to lure them away with a salary we could never afford,” says Rachel Hofstetter, founder-in-chief of Guesterly.

7. Listen to Your Gut

It’s the old startup adage: Hire slow, fire fast.

8. Give Employees Ownership and Flexibility

“We really encourage everyone here to holistically be happy, and excited,” says Emmett Shine, CEO of Gin Lane Media. Shine says his agency seeks out ambitious, “auto-didactic” creative technologists who wouldn’t be attracted to a traditional agency — there’s an emphasis on what you create, rather than how much you create.

9. Work to Maintain and Build Company Culture

“Arguably the most important decision you make as a startup or young company is who to hire,” says Jeff Jackel, CEO of BuzzMob. “And this decision is no less critical when hiring your fifteenth employee than it was for your third hire.” He emphasizes that in these critical early stages, each hire should fit well and improve the company’s efficiency and culture — if they don’t, they’re the wrong person.

View the whole article here: http://mashable.com/2013/11/20/employee-culture/


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