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Are you sure you’re Insured?

Published on August 29, 2013

Your family, home, vehicle, and other valuables are important to you. You have worked hard to earn them. Your family’s security is also extremely important. How would it feel to find out too late that these things were not properly covered by your insurance? Take the time to talk to your Abram Interstate insurance agent to make sure you understand all of your coverage and talk about your needs.


Here are a few coverage policies that are sometimes overlooked by agri-business professionals:

Crop Insurance – California is typically a temperate climate, but the landscape is ever changing. Make sure you are protects. Crop insurance will provide security and compensation for your farm in the event that your crop is destroyed; making sure that your business and your family are healthy.

Farm equipment coverage – Farm machinery is expensive to begin with, but repair can cost you time in addition to money. With agri-business insurance coverage we can make sure your equipment is in working order with minimal delays and little to no cost out of pocket.

Liability insurance on vacant farm land – Often times we believe that since we are not doing anything on our land that we should not insure it; this can turn into a big mistake. If any one is hurt on your vacant land and there is no liability insurance you will be responsible for the injuries and medical payments for that person.

Commercial Insurance – Owning a business can be complicated and stressful, let us take care of some of that burden by providing you with a tailored commercial lines insurance policy. Our surplus lines insurance policies are designed to give you, your business, and your employees the best and most affordable coverage available for your needs.

Homeowners’ Insurance – Life’s accidents are unexpected. Abram Interstate is here to make sure that you and your family are covered in the event of any unfortunate accident. In addition, our P & C insurance covers just about every situation that could cause your family distress and money.