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Help your Customers know the Auto Insurance lingo

Published on January 22, 2014

At Abram Interstate, we provide wholesale personal auto insurance. Here is guide to help your customers understand which category means what.

wholesale personal auto insurance

Preferred & Standard

These policies are geared toward the client with good credit and limited exposure to risks. They are generally the same from state to state because they are preferred by many insurers, hence the name “Standard.” But as the name also suggests, they also exclude certain kinds of drivers.



Non-standard policies are named so because they are customized to fit a broader market range of risks. They may be more or less expensive than standard policies depending on the risks they represent, and they also differ from company to company. Some people believe that a non-standard auto insurance policy is substandard, but that simply isn’t true. The quality of the coverage is not altered due to your risk potential.


Risk Analysis

Typical insurance risks are evaluated based on the health of the proposed insured. Standard rates are used for someone of average age, average health, average risk career, etc. Whereas, non-standard rates apply to someone who potentially smokes, is older, unhealthier, or someone with a higher risk career, like a fireman; or hobbies, like skydiving.


Personal Auto Insurance

At Abram Interstate Insurance Services, Inc., CMGA, we have established auto markets with a range of programs to suit your customers needs.

Whether you have Preferred, Standard, or Nonstandard auto risks, we have a market for you for wholesale personal auto insurance.

  • Liability limits from 15/30 to $1 million in coverage
  • Package your auto risk and receive BIG discounts!
  • Professional Groups/Affinity/Occupational discounts offered
  • Foreign & International experience credit
  • Driver/Vehicle assignment rating

Send us your personal lines auto quote today and see what we can do for you!!

Personal Lines Auto:

Preferred & Standard Programs

Non-Standard Program

Our Rates can also be found on FSC!

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