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Because I said I would | Business Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on June 23, 2016

photo credit: Handshake via photopin (license)

photo credit: Handshake via photopin (license)

Alex Sheen is a young man with a vision. The vision is a movement which encourages people to keep their word, for no other reason than because they said they would.

He started the organization called “Because I said I would” in 2012 after his father passed away.  As he was thinking over his father’s life, he began to see a theme – his father didn’t do anything necessarily heroic or extraordinary, but Alex began to realize that his father always kept his word.  He couldn’t think of a single promise that his father had not kept.

That alone is quite extraordinary.  In our society, our word is easily given and easily forgotten or dismissed. Alex Sheen wants to change that.

Just think about it. What if your insurance agency began to be known for delivering on everything you say you will. What if people in the town you live in started to do business with you because you had a reputation for follow through? You say you’ll call people tomorrow, and you do it. You say you’ll e-mail them a quote by the end of the day, and you do it. You say they’re covered, and they are.

Alex’s organization’s strategy is very simple. The idea is that they have business cards that they’ll send out to anyone who asks for them, free of charge.  The cards are white with simple font that says “Because I said I would.”  The idea is for you to write a promise on the card, give it to the person you’re promising to, and then fulfill the promise. Once you’ve fulfilled what you said you’d do, they give you the card back as a tangible recognition that you followed through.

Think about how different your business would be, your job would be, your relationships would be, your life would be if you really weighed your words before you promised something… and if you really followed through every time you said you would.  In the Insurance and Sales worlds especially, our word doesn’t mean as much because of the culture that’s been created.  But what if Alex is onto something.  What if it starts with you.  Maybe it wouldn’t change everything, but it could change everything for you.

Since its started four years ago, Alex and his organization have seen a huge range of promises — they’ve shipped over 4.47 million cards to 153 different countries. Everything from a drunk driver promising to take full responsibility for his actions (including a video confession: “I killed a man.”), to young kids promising to be nice to their sister for a whole day.

Maybe this is exactly the kind of intentionality you need to revitalize your insurance business and your life. For more information on the organization, and/or to request 10 cards to be send free of charge to you, visit their website HERE.

The website has some really creative ways to use the promise cards, too.  Check it out. And start doing the things you said you would.


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