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3 Customers who Need our New High Value Homeowners Insurance Product

Published on March 19, 2014

1. Robert has a great house that he lives in. But you know what’s even nicer?  His spectacular beach house. Couple stories. View of the ocean. Private beach access. Glassed-in second story porch to watch the sunset every night.  Robert would love our high value product because his beach house (his secondary home) could be put on a HO3 Homeowner’s form (and more homeowners products won’t allow this). That’s why Robert is now inviting you to use his beach house for a weekend next summer… because you’re the kind of agent that knows how to get Robert the best coverage for his needs.

wholesale homeowners insurance2. Nancy has a high value home. She also has dog, Princess, who she loves ALMOST as much as her grandchildren.   Princess is good with people, but there’s no getting around the fact that she’s a Rottweiler.  While princess has never exhibited an aggressive bone in her body, and is in fact the favorite playmate of Nancy’s 3 year old granddaughter, Nancy has been around long enough to know that Princess can complicate her ability to get a great homeowner’s insurance policy.  Luckily for Nancy, for Abram interstate’s new High Value Homeowners Product all breeds of dogs are acceptable.  You can now make it easy to make sure Nancy gets her lovely home covered, and she can stop worrying about that and start playing dress up with her granddaughter, and probably Princess, too.


3. Ray has a really stunning high value home that has been in his family for a couple of generations.  It’s not just a home anymore, it’s a homestead, a legacy, a monument to his family’s important occasions and seasons of life.  He can still remember his first skinned knee… he got  in the driveway out front when his father was teaching him how to ride a bike. It was in the backyard that he first proposed to his wife, right by the rose garden. It was in the sunny front room that he taught his daughter to read in the evening light after he’d get home from work. He’s made the appropriate updates to the home, of course, but even so, some insurers are hesitant to take older homes. But Abram Interstate’s new high value homeowners product doesn’t exclude those updated older homes. Now, should anything ever happen to Ray’s house, to the place his family has known as home for so long, it can be covered, and their legacy can be secure.


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