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Business Tips for New Insurance Agents – Part 1

Published on January 29, 2015

Do you still feel like a newbie in the Insurance Agent game?

Or do you know someone that does? Here’s some comforting insight to help you break into this industry. When we look at the lives of successful retail insurance agents, we can glean some helpful information that can get you off on the right foot as well.

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Tips from the Pros of the Insurance Agent field: Part 1


It’s the age-old dilemma: How can you get experience if no one will give you experience?

When it comes to insurance sales, you can benefit from experience in other areas of business. If you read the biographies of successful insurance agents, you will see that most of them have had experience in marketing, consulting, product development and public relations. Successful agents have learned to integrate lessons from other areas of business and adjust them to fit their insurance sales practices.

While insurers and consumers alike strongly consider the experience of an agent, it’s important to remember that you can enhance your industry experience by applying your knowledge from other business forums.

Think like a Pro: Create a list of the skills and abilities you’ve acquired through past work and/or educational experiences; once you’ve identified these components, ask yourself how you can shape those skills to fit the mold of insurance sales.

Continued Education

Because the insurance industry is in a near constant state of evolution—from changes in insurance law to the way consumers shop for insurance—the top insurance agents do all they can to stay abreast of the latest developments.

In addition to staying current with industry news, the vast majority of successful insurance agents seek additional certification by joining organizations like The American Insurance Association and the Insurance Research Counsel and earning accreditation such as the Charter Life Underwriter distinction and Chartered Financial Consultant.

All of these measures are aimed at becoming an expert in the agent’s respective fields—gaining respect from their peers and value in the eyes of consumers.

Think like a Pro: Be a sponge! Subscribe to industry newsletters and magazines to continue learning about new developments in your field and look into attending as many industry-related events as you can.

We know there’s a lot to learn, and we’re here to help. With our online raters and our instant chat access you have to our account managers on iHelp, we hope that we can make your job that much easier and more efficient. We’d love to do business with you.

Come back for more tips in Part 2 Next Thursday.


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