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Business Tips for New Insurance Agents – Part 2

Published on February 5, 2015

Last week we shared with you a few tips for independent insurance agents that are either new to the industry or new to their markets. If you know anyone that could benefit, please pass last week’s post and this post along to them!

Business Tips for New Insurance Agents – Part 2


Today’s top insurance agents didn’t rely on luck to get the word out about their business and neither can you. Successful agents employed multiple tactics to gain recognition—from handing out flyers to cold calling, successful agents have done it all.

Here are some additional tactics used by the pros:

Give Freebies. Distribute pens, coffee mugs, calendars and key chains bearing your company name to residents in your selling areas. Giving consumers something they can use will be handy come renewal time.

Think Outside of the Box. One agent fluent in Russian took out newspaper ads in Russian newspapers and ad sheets in his area—zoning in on other sectors of the local market.

Be Public. Setting up kiosks at malls and airports (with permission) are great ways to connect with prospects. One agent reported great success selling child fingerprint kits-providing a great service for the public and supplying them with promotional goods.

Lend Your Voice. Consider paying for a radio spot—it’s cheaper than advertising on television and can pack just as much punch.

When it comes to marketing, you must be willing to test all areas of the advertising waters and adjust your methods until you find something that works.

Think like a Pro: Put a creative spin on your marketing materials. Companies like FarFromBoring.com specialize in unique and useful materials for business promotion.


Successful agents didn’t become what they are by flying by the seat of their pants. To achieve their accomplishments, top agents set goals to continually advance their business to the next level.

What kind of goals should you set as a new agent? The pros suggest starting with these:

Hand out 100 flyers per week

Talk to 10 to 15 non-clients every day about your services

Check in on one or two existing clients each week

Call local businesses or establishments to set up one promotional display per month

Compile updated lists of prospects daily

By starting small, the pros agree that you’ll be able to knock out larger goals such as improving closing ratios and increasing sales dollars.

Think like a Pro: Create a list or spreadsheet to fill out or cross off after completing a task or goal—keeping a visual record of your accomplishments will give you an added sense of achievement and motivate you to complete the next goal.

As you’re finding your way in the insurance industry, we  at Abram Interstate want to be of help to you. Make sure you check back on Tuesdays and Thursdays for new blogs posts on different products we offer, and different business tips we share to help you be the best insurance agent you can be. We also have many admitted and non-admitted markets in Personal Lines, Commercial Lines, and Agribusiness that give you access to the coverage your customers need. Check out our online raters and visit HERE to become and Abram Broker.


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