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California Orchards Produce More Than Rest of U.S. | Agribusiness Insurance Product Highlight

Published on May 14, 2018

wholesale agribusiness insurance orchards california abram interstateDid you know…?

  • California accounts for 65% of the U.S. non-citrus fruit and nut production, and 30% of the citrus production.
  • California is the number one exporter of agricultural commodities in the U.S.
  • AND over 90% of the U.S. tree nut production is harvested from Golden State orchards.

With orchards being such a large part of California’s agribusiness, it deserves a large part of your attention when it comes to Agribusiness Insurance. Make a move, and insure orchards (and other farm & ranch risks) with Abram Interstate today.

Farm & Ranch Insurance Product Highlights:

Available in AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY
Carriers: A+ Rated Admitted
  • Farm/Ranch Package – Property & Liability coverage for working horse, cattle and crop farms. This includes the insured’s dwelling(s), barns, outbuildings, machinery, hay, tack and other similar items.
  • Commercial & Personal Equine Liability – Boarding, breeding, training, lessons, clinics, sales or personally owned horses.
  • Care, Custody, Control – protects the Insured for injury or death to a non-owned horse while in their care. This coverage can be included as part of the farm/ranch package policy.
  • Excess/Umbrella – Increased liability limits are available on this policy.
  • Business Auto – Coverage for the insured’s automobiles. Available only if the supporting farm/ranch package is written by the carrier.

Put Your Trust In Our Experience

We have several carriers to cover your every need.

  • Family Farms and Ranches
  • Estate Farms
  • Horse Farms Including Equine Mortality and Equine Liability
  • Large Commercial Growers and Packers of Agricultural Products
  • Vineyards, Grain and Field Crop Growers
  • Wineries
  • Citrus and Cotton Growers
  • Wholesale Nurseries
  • Livestock, Cattle and Sheep
  • Outfitters and Guides

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