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Where to Place a Canceled Home? | Hard To Place Homeowners Insurance

Published on April 25, 2017


If you’re an Insurance Agent in the Personal Lines Insurance business, you’ve probably dealt with the customer who had their Homeowners policy canceled and both of you may not know where to turn next.

For You: We have great wholesale Homeowners Insurance products that you can offer to your customer, including some of those hard to place homes with prior losses.

For Your Insurance Customers: Pass on this helpful list from FreeAdvice.com to help them avoid having their Homeowners Policies Canceled.

Common Reasons Home Insurance is Canceled (and How to Avoid Them)

 Home found to be vacant- Your home insurance company may decide to cancel your home insurance policy if the insured property is found to be vacant. Review the vacant home insurance clause in your policy to find the occupancy conditions for coverage. Most home insurance policies state that if the house is vacant for more than thirty days, you must notify the insurance company. Once you notify the company, your policy for that home will be canceled. If you know your home is going to be vacant, talk to your insurance agent about insurance policies for vacant dwellings so you don’t expose yourself to a lapse in coverage.

Too many claims in a policy period- Generally speaking, you won’t have your home insurance canceled for an occasional claim over a period of years — even if one claim is major. But if you have too many claims during a policy year, your company may cancel your home insurance policy. Make sure you know the value of your home insurance claim and self insure yourself for ones that don’t meet or barely meet your deductible. Save your good claim history, and only file high value or important claims.

Large claims for damage you cause- Large claims can be costly to an insurance company, and if you cause the damage then your home insurance can be canceled. You don’t have to cause the damage on purpose: if you are irresponsible or unsafe then your insurer can respond by canceling your home insurance. While there are times when you can’t help a large claim, make sure any claims you have are out of your control by keeping your home and structures safe.

Unacceptable risks found on the property- Property found in disrepair can cause your home insurance to be canceled. At the time of your home insurance policy’s renewal, an underwriter may request a curb side inspection and photos of the home. Sometimes this is done to spot check the condition of a property, and a home in disrepair can result in the policy being canceled. Things like a leaky roof, old and unsafe pipes, or kitchens that are potential risks of fire can cause an insurance company to send you a home insurance cancellation notice at renewal. Keep your home in insurable condition.

Poor payment history- Your payment history is also reviewed upon renewal of your home insurance policy. Usually this alone may not get your home insurance canceled, but this in conjunction with some of the factors above will make you more of a target for cancellation. Paying your home insurance policy’s premium through your mortgage escrow or automatic deduction of a savings or checking account will ensure that your payments will be timely.

TIP for Insurance Customers: Canceled Homeowners Insurance can be costly, so try to avoid it. The above reasons, while common causes of policy cancellation, are not the only reasons a policy can be canceled. It’s always good to be familiar with your particular Homeowners Insurance policy and the potential reasons for cancellation.

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