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Published on November 27, 2012

When seeking the best possible insurance at the best possible price, it is always wise to check out the background of the company providing such coverage. Consumers need a company that provides an experienced staff along with competitive pricing and products. If the policyholder has a sudden need arise in the future, will there be someone knowledgeable to help remedy the situation?

Abram Interstate Insurance Services has been providing personal and commercial lines insurance since 1996. The excellent customer service from our highly skilled team means that each of our policyholders experiences the personalized care that helps ensure things are done right the first time around. Our company has a pledge that promises the highest standards and fairest pricing in the industry. We do not believe in loading a consumer down with unnecessary options simply to create a higher premium.

When a customer comes to us with a need in the area of commercial lines insurance, we are able to tailor a plan that covers the issue whether the need happens to be a farm with horses, a nail salon, or a lawn care business. We are quickly able to assess the coverages that will be needed and then provide a quote without delay. Because of the flexibility we have, we are able to tap into our wide ranging base of financially strong carriers to give our customers the products and the pricing they are seeking.

New home buyers needing insurance or individuals who are tired of paying exorbitant premiums for auto insurance are pleased to find that we ask the right questions to help minimize the final cost. If discounts are available, we believe our customers are entitled to them.

Abram Interstate Insurance Services has remained strong by meeting the needs of our policyholders through automation, creative solutions, and the nurturing relationships we develop with our clients. Homeowners, business owners, and anyone else needing an insurance product will discover that our company will find a way to help you reach your goal.