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Commercial Lines Training Resources PLUS A NEW Incentive!

Published on September 1, 2015



Abram Interstate's Offering You

We don’t just want to reward you with higher commissions for commercial lines policies — we want to do even more for you.

We’re here to help you become better at what you do, and to learn how to delve into new realms of insurance business.

Something we hear a lot when we’re in your offices, is your desire for training — especially commercial lines insurance training. The problem is, sometimes it’s hard for insurance agents to know which places are good to go to for training.

If that’s you and you would either like to enter into the commercial insurance realm for the first time, or you would just like to become better at what you do, we have a couple resources to share with you.

For CIC Training:


You can either select CL property or CL casualty (liability) for the focus on the CIC.


For CE Packages


This is a training site for Insurance courses that allow agents to obtain credit (CE) units towards their license requirements.

All you do is click on the state you need and then select the courses you want to sign up to take.  The courses are good for 12 months and you can get CE packages for as low at $19.95.  There are CL and PL courses available.  We have been utilizing CE packages for years, and we find them very easy to use.



September 1 – October 31

You will earn 15% commission on new Commercial Insurance policies from the following carriers through Abram Interstate:

USLI     |    AUGold    |    TOPA    |    ACE

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