Abram Interstate Insurance Services, Inc., CMGA

Helping Independent Insurance Agents Since 1996


Underwriting Summary

  • Commercial Property, Commercial GL & Liquor Liability on one policy
  • No seasonal operations.
  • Low minimum premiums
  • Up to $5M annual sales at each location.
  • Accounts with Dancing and Entertainment are eligible
  • Hoods, ducts, grease filters, and surface cooking equipment, including deep fat fryers, must be protected by a UL listed automatic fire extinguishing system.

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Various Packages

Higher Deductibles Available

Optional Coverages

  • Business income and extra expense.
  • Building owners endorsement
  • Spoilage coverage automatically provided for $5,000.
  • Power PAC Endorsement.
  • Eating establishment endorsement is available as an option (mutually exclusive with Power Pac Endorsement)
  • Restaurant Equipment that is permanently installed is included in the building limit. For tenant occupancy, it should be separately listed as restaurant equipment.