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Complacency Kills Leadership — Business Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on March 2, 2017

Do you know why you showed up to work this morning?

Not the, “Well, I want to keep my job,” or the “I have a lot to get done,” reasons, but why, in the long-run, are you at work today?

Maybe you’ve lost sight of the vision of what you’re doing in your job as an insurance agent. Maybe you’re the head of your own insurance agency, but today you showed up because it’s just what you always do.

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Whether you’re the CEO or the newest employee, there is some leadership required in your role. And one thing that kills your leadership potential is complacency. The hard part is that it doesn’t kill it immediately like a shot to the chest — it sneaks in and kills like a slow poison. You usually don’t even know it’s happening.

And the trouble is, it can happen at any time. Stephen Supe, CEO at Arena Leadership addresses this issue in a recent article on LinkedIn:

Complacency can happen with success, failure and in the day-to-day. In other words, it can happen at any time…

There was a business owner that got complacent with his success. His business had reached a level of success beyond his expectations. He was making more money than ever before. Sadly, the success bred apathy. He checked out at the office. Sure, he was still showing up, but he wasn’t present any more. There were initiatives for growth that were passed over and ignored. You may be saying, how could that happen? It happens, when we become satisfied, even if our companies can be much, much larger, impacting many more lives.

Another business owner, we’ll call him Stan. He had a successful business and wanted to grow. He had invested the money to take the business to the next level, but he wasn’t as invested as he thought he was. His life was full of toys and distractions. Complacency destroyed his focus. Goals became vague concepts. In reality, he was the reason for the lack of growth, because he wasn’t developing as a leader. He has hit the limit of his abilities.

Complacency can show up big time at this time of year especially. There’s so much going on — the new year has ramped up and things are busy, but also, you’ve weathered the majority of winter, and the majority of the “fun” holidays. Now things start to settle into a ho-hum schedule, and for many people, the seasonality of a winter without much vitamin D from the sun can start to take a serious toll.

If, as you’re reading this, you’re realizing that you’ve lost your luster, your passion and vision for what you’re doing with your time and energy in your career, that’s actually a good first step to remedying it. Take some time over the next week to think about the roles you play, both at work and at home, and why your efforts matter. Write it on a note card and stick it up at your desk answering the question: Why am I here today?

Apathy is an attitude that catches, but so is passion. Especially if you’re the head of your insurance agency or in some type of leadership capacity over others, this step of re-kindling your fire will have ripple effects in your company in positive ways. Your renewed vision and goal-seeking attitude will help give vision and direction back to those around you. And really, bright-eyed vision is a much better co-worker than complacency, no matter what time of year it is.

Remember: What you do matters. Today, remind yourself why you do what you do.

If you need help with defining or creating your vision for your business, one resource we’ve used and had success with is www.cameronherold.com. Feel free to check out their blog to see their principles and ways they can help you articulate and keep your vision in front of you.

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