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Why Customer Service Matters

Published on May 14, 2014

I was standing on a hard tile floor when I went to pull my iPhone out of my pocket and my hand fumbled. I had just taken my falling-apart protective case off of it a few days prior and it was now naked, and fully made of glass. As my phone fell, I grabbed for it, tipping it one way, my foot went out, some-what kicking it, but neither action stopped it from dropping right on its corner on the hard tile. The front of the phone cracked fully across, with little shards of glass falling out of the cracks.

I kept using the phone, though it was starting to experience glitches. I used it for 3 months like that, because I wasn’t in a place to spend hundreds on a new phone. But one day, someone told me, “Just call the apple store, make an appointment, and see if they’ll do anything. I bet they’ll give you a new phone. They did for me when that happened to mine.”

“How could that be?” I thought. This was the first iPhone I owned, and I had never had a mac or anything else, so I wasn’t familiar with the concept of a company helping to fix a product. In fact, it was a pretty foreign concept as I heard my friend talk, and thought that surely it was a fluke, and it wouldn’t work for me.

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But to my very delighted surprise, it worked exactly like he said. I went in, let them see the phone, told them the glitches that were happening when I used it, and they said, “We’re so sorry about that. Let me go get you a new one.” Just like that. They gave me a brand new phone. For free.

That’s when I decided that I would be a customer of that company for a long, long time. I was floored by this “special treatment” that in actuality, they give to all of their customers.

I’ve had many similar interactions with them. Sometimes their policies allow for them to just fix it for free, sometimes not, but I always feel taken care of and respected. I continue to buy their products without hesitation, and usually it feels like they’re doing me favors. Me and everyone else in the store.

This kind of customer service is what creates loyal customers. And the crazy part is — it’s actually a form of marketing. I’m quick to share my experiences about the customer service over my phone, and quick to advise others to join the bandwagon. When you have loyal customers, they market for you and it comes naturally. That’s the kind of valuable organic growth that Google can’t measure, but that may make you more successful than you’ve ever been.

So, time to ask ourselves: How good are we at customer service? Do our customers come away feeling like we’ve done them a favor? If not, maybe it’s time to start to start brainstorming how we can be better about going above and beyond what they expect. Like the company did for me, we could be the people that teach them that there is such a thing as helpful customer service.

Share with us: How do you try to go above and beyond for your customers?


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