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Deck the Malls | Concessionaires Insurance Product Highlight

Published on November 29, 2016

We are officially elbow-deep in the holiday season and that means one thing is happening all around us — shopping. And where there are holidays gifts and parties and decorations to shop for, there are concessionaires selling their goods.

The malls are full of concessionaires right now, but they’re not the only place. From Thanksgiving to Christmas there are an abundance of vendors selling their goods and services at antique markets, salvage markets, craft fairs, Christmas festivals, and more.

The opportunities for vendors slow from after Christmas until spring, but right now is their biggest cold-weather prime. Everyone is out shopping which means business is flowing into the concessionaires and vendor’s “doors” (so to speak, of course). With so many customers and patrons walking by and through their stalls, areas, and booths, they have a lot of exposure.

Here’s a few examples of when concessionaires insurance would come into play:

  1. The insured had a banner sales weekend during an outdoor Christmas festival in the city. A week later, the insured learned that 12 people, including some young children, were sickened by E. coli, which is a sometimes fatal bacteria found in ground beef and other foods. One of the children passed away from the illness. The source of the E. coli was confirmed to be in beef patties that the insured had purchased from a reputable vendor. The insured would have no way of knowing that the meat was contaminated; however, the insured was sued along with all companies in the supply chain of that meat. It was alleged that if the insured had properly cooked the beef, the E. coli bacteria would have been killed before it was consumed. During the course of the litigation, all claims were settled for the full primary policy limits of $1,000,000 plus $1,200,000 of the excess limits.
  2. An insured was operating a booth at a flea market, and customers surrounded the booth to view merchandise. The booth was knocked over by a gust of wind, and a pole supporting the booth struck a customer in the face, causing a laceration. The customer incurred over $30,000 in medical expenses, including plastic surgery to repair scar damage. The claim was resolved pre-litigation for $150,000.

These vendors need to be insured ASAP with the proper insurance coverage for the job, and you’re the insurance agent who can do it for them.

Help vendors and concessionaires get the coverage they need easily and quickly.

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Concessionaires Insurance Product Highlights:

  • Coverage available as:
    • Monoline general liability
    • Package – Including general liability with property and/or 
inland marine
  • Broad eligibility to include:
    • Indoor vendors, outdoor vendors, seasonal lots and tents, and flea market/fair show vendors
    • Hot dog vendors, news stands, mall kiosks, Christmas tree lots, and more
    • Operating locations including: Airports, bus terminals, museums, office buildings, rest stops, shopping malls, train stations, athletic fields, beaches, business parks, parking lots, public parks, public streets/sidewalks, school campuses, and more
    • Primary or varying operating locations
    • Small to large operations (up to 40 individual locations or stands)
    • New ventures
  • Competitive pricing
  • Low minimum premiums

  • Coverage can be extended to include office or warehouse locations

Liability Features:

  • Easy to use pricing –> Flat charge per stand or show
Blanket additional insured
Products/Completed operations coverage provided for most eligible risks
  • No liability deductible

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