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Do Less, But Do It Better. | Business Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on July 27, 2017

Entrepreneur Mark Suster lives by one rule: “Do Less. More.”

The internet has blessed our work world in many ways, but it’s also given us the curse of busyness. It’s easy to accidentally waste time doing things that we say are productive (“Only 2,000 more e-mails to go through and delete until I get to ‘inbox zero’!”). It’s also given us the ability to multi-task and try to do too many things. A recent study by the Microsoft Corporation found that over the past decade, our smart phones alone have lowered our attention spans from 12 seconds to 8 seconds — literally lower than that of a goldfish.

It’s no wonder we try to do everything. But the key to staying productive and successful but actually doing less — but doing it better and more often.

Here’s what Suster says about his rule for himself:

Do less. And do the things that you ARE doing better and with higher quality. Have a shorter to-do list with more things that are in the “done” category. Do fewer business development deals but make the ones you do have more impact…. You don’t need to be hot. You need to be successful and those are two different things. Success often comes from doing a few things extraordinarily well and noticeably better than the competition.

You can’t do everything, or be everything, all the time. That might be hard to swallow. But as insurance agents especially, if you can determine the kind of business that you do best, and do more of it, you’ll be an invaluable asset to your community. Rather than halfheartedly trying to write everything that comes in your door (which is fine, while you need to do that…), start to market to specific customers for specific markets. Build yourself a niche. Do less, and do it better.

Abram Interstate has a variety of markets to help you meet these needs as you build and specialize your insurance agency book of business.

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