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Who needs Umbrella Policies and Why?

Published on February 16, 2016


Personal Umbrella policies are not always known about or understood by the general public, though they may be the key to protecting the quality of life that your customers have worked so hard to build.

The reality is that accidents do happen, and that when accidents, lawsuits, and mishaps come their way, it can end up taking a much larger toll than they’d ever imagine.  That’s why we offer personal umbrella policies. These offer additional protection for the insured, above and beyond their home and auto policies.

In a New York Times article, Conrad de Aenlle writes:

Financial advisers generally recommend the [umbrella] insurance to any client with significant assets to protect, often before discussing anything else.

“We talk to them about umbrella coverage almost upfront,” said David H. Bugen, an adviser at RegentAtlantic in Morristown, N.J. “When you do financial planning, clients want to go from Point A to B, and one of their biggest concerns is what will keep them from getting there.”

Near the top of the list is “an event that’s unlikely to occur, but if it occurs it can disrupt your financial future forever,” Mr. Bugen said. “You want to insure against a large catastrophic risk and cover smaller risks yourself.”

If your customer is unsure, or unconvinced, here’s the full New York Times article talking about the usefulness of umbrella policies. Pass it along to them!

Get Your Customer Covered:

*It’s not always easy to find access to stand-alone personal umbrella policies for your customers, but through Abram Interstate you can do just that. We also have the ability to write umbrella policies with packages with select carriers.

Personal Umbrella Product Highlights:

  • True Umbrella coverage including drop down coverage for non-owned exposures
  • Coverage for Up to 25 1-4 Family Dwellings
  • Broad definition of bodily injury to include shock, humiliation, and mental anguish
  • Coverage for unlimited number of automobiles
  • Coverage For Unlimited # of watercrafts up to 75′ long
  • Coverage For up to 2,000 acres of vacant land that is not farmland
  • No annual aggregates or deductible
  • Online quoting and fast turn around.
  • Telephone quotes available

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