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Don’t change your daily rituals. Re-think them. | Business Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on February 16, 2017


How many times are we sucked into the fads of being more productive, more efficient, about how to become successful with one quick tip?  Perhaps you are among the skeptical who has never tried to implement a “tip for success” into your rituals. Or perhaps you are the one in your friends group who is known for being “all in” on a new system, a new step to your daily routine that you believe wholeheartedly is going to make the exact change you need.

There is nothing wrong with rituals — they actually are conducive to productivity as they give us structure to go through our day in productive ways. However, a ritual for ritual’s sake will not be the be-all end-all of the change you need to make to get the results you want. Just getting up an hour early, or drinking tea, or working out before you sit down to work… these things are good, but they’re not the key for everyone. In our world we often think they are though, which leads to frustration when we don’t see the results we expected or were promised. We don’t always need to change our rituals. We need to re-think our view of rituals altogether. Author Todd Henry talks about it like this:

Over time, I’ve heard of people adopting the specific rituals of their heroes because they hoped that the simple act of getting up early, or drinking a cup of tea before writing, or writing letters in the early afternoon would somehow unlock their ability to do better work. (These were smart people, so I suspect that it was more wishful thinking than anything.) Shaking up your system may help for a while, but those rituals will eventually grow stale if they’re not serving a greater purpose.

But how can you tell whether a routine will work for you? Henry offers these three questions to guide us:

 What outcome are you trying to achieve today?

 How can your routines/rituals be better channeled to help you achieve it?

 Which routines/rituals are undeniably in the way of it?

It’s easy to buy into the hype of new rituals being toted in such-and-such magazine or blog, but unless you’re asking yourself the questions about whether this will really be effective for you, you may be spending time and effort to re-make your rituals all in a misguided way that may leave you empty-handed in terms of the change it truly makes.

If you want to improve your daily rituals in intentional, creative ways, you can get more great food for thought at Henry’s blog, The Accidental Creative.

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