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Don’t let them be caught in the rain – Umbrella Insurance

Published on June 16, 2015

You customers have worked hard to create their wealth, but are they protected if someone wants to take them to court?

You can be the insurance agent that helps your customers understand what they’ve got that they could lose, and to understand how an umbrella policy can cover them if any of those unforeseen unfortunate events should occur.  It’s not about scaring people, but it is about making them understand when they have an exposure to a potential risk, and umbrella insurance policies are one of the easy, common ways that they can make sure they’re protected.

Here are a couple of claim examples from the insurance carrier that might be helpful for you as you help your customer understand what umbrella insurance is and when it may come into play:

  • You have a candle burning in your bathroom. When your niece goes to wash her hands, her sleeve passes over the candle and is ignited. She suffers third degree burns and you are held liable. $917,000 was paid
  • Your 14 year old is online making negative comments about his teacher to his friends and posting them on a Web site. The teacher finds out and sues. $750,000 was paid
  • One out of eight serious automobile accidents is caused by a driver without insurance. What if you are hit by one of them? You or your family members are injured and require a stay in the hospital. There are catastrophic medical bills that exceed your personal automobile policy UM/UIM limits

Jury verdicts continue to increase; they are up 240% since 1994 with average awards from $418,000-$2,960,000. This is in addition to defense costs, which can run well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars – even when the defendant wins in court.

Hopefully your customer will never need it, but if they do, we want to help you get our wholesale umbrella insurance in place beforehand so that they’re not caught out in the rain, so to speak.

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