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Dwelling Schedules – Help your customers consolidate

Published on December 15, 2015

tumblr_inline_nmfly1VLn61setx64_540Often, insurance is something people have a hard time understanding and they just want to make sure that they’re taken care of.

Especially in the realm of investments and property management, the property owners have much to deal with in their day to day business. They deal with everything from scouting new properties, remodels, advertising, maintenance, and collections, and many of them do it without help.

But you can help real estate investors like these by getting them the dwelling fire coverage they need for their multiple properties all on the same schedule. (For a handy side-by-side comparison that explains the difference between Homeowners Insurance and Dwelling Fire Insurance, Click HERE.)

Dwelling Schedule Product Info:

Eligibility factor:

  • All dwellings must qualify for same policy form (all DP1 or DP3)
  • Coverage limit must be specific for each separate dwelling
  • All dwellings carry same liability limit
  • Ability to schedule 1-4 family dwellings (for 5 or more physically connected units refer to commercial)


  • Completed dwelling fire acord 84 application on each individual risk
  • A spreadsheet with underwriting information may be submitted in situations where you have received approval from an underwriter


  • Easy maintenance of master policy
  • One renewal bill to pay for entire schedule
  • Reduced broker fee
  • Liability available up to $500,000
  • Ability to write one main dwelling with several outbuildings (certain requirements apply, contact underwriting)
  • Each location can have a separate mortgagee if needed
  • LLC’s and Trusts acceptable as named insured

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