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Equine Insurance 202 | BBT, CCC, CEL and more

Published on April 26, 2016

A personal story from our blog writer, Joanna O’Hanlon, and her experience as a horse admirer.

When I was a kid, I’d wanted a horse for years. I’d begged for one. Put it on every Christmas and birthday list. I’d even started praying for a horse. And then one day, I looked out my kitchen window into the backyard, and there was a horse. He was reaching his head up, eating leaves from our mulberry tree.

I thought all of my wishes had come true. I ran to the other room to tell my dad.

“Dad! There’s a horse in the backyard!” I said, out of breath from excitement.

He came with me to the back door, not believing I could’ve actually seen what I’d said. But there it was. My long-awaited horse.
“We can keep it right!?” I squealed. “You said that we couldn’t afford a horse, but here it is for free!”

This is how we’d come to adopt our cat, Licorice, after all. She’d started to hang around our backyard until we’d taken her in. Why would a horse be any different?

But my childhood dreams were dashed by two harsh truths for a young kid: 1) There are no stray horses in neighborhoods… it must belong to someone else. And 2) that the cost of buying the horse was not the only cost of having a horse.

My dad explained to me then something that I’ve come to know ever more so working in insurance — horses can be pets — big, majestic, loving pets — but they are so much more than that. They are an asset, and they take a lot of effort, time, and investment to own.

Any horse owner knows those truths that I was only starting to learn that day. What they might not know if they are new horse owners, though, is that horses also often come with a need for insurance.

To start with, many Homeowner Insurance companies will not cover a home if there are horses present, or they will exclude liability, but through Abram Interstate you can secure the liability insurance your customers need by adding Equine liability to another carrier’s homeowner product.

Also, many horse owners may want to use the space where they keep their horses for commercial use, to board a friend’s or a renter’s horses, for riding lessons or horse training, or for a number of other small operation opportunities.

Care, Custody & Control insurance is meant to cover people who board or train horses or are otherwise responsible for other people’s horses while breeding, showing, or racing them. The policy pays sums your customers are legally obligated to pay to others for death, injury or theft of horses in your care, custody, or control. The Care, Custody & Control policy only protects your customers against claims of damage or loss of the third-party’s horse itself. (Definition from Equine Law Blog)

Commercial Equine Liability provides  coverage to those engaged in breeding, training, boarding, instructing or operating an equine business. This policy provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage to a third party arising from your insurance customers’ operations.

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