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Q: Where do I login to see my account?
A: Presently, Abram Interstate Insurance Services does not have online account access.

Q: Do you provide training?
A: Yes, please contact your Field Marketing or Agent Marketing Representative for details.
CLICK HERE to view a list of Abram Interstate Contacts.

Q: Where can I view your current job openings?
A: Please CLICK HERE to access our Career Section


Q: How do I bind a policy?
A: Please submit all bind requests to binds@abraminterstate.com or fax to (916) 780-7181.
Coverage is not bound until confirmation is released by an account manager.
Please see quote cover letter or quote email for specific binding instructions.

Q: I submitted a bind, when will I receive a policy?
A: The time frame can vary from carrier to carrier ranging from 7 to 30 days for all lines of business.

Q: May I bind a TOPA policy the same day the bind request was sent with the assured signature on the application?
A: No. 12:01 A.M. on the day following the date the application was signed by the applicant is hte earliest TOPA Insurance will allow the policy to be bound.

Q: What is the turnaround time for a bind confirmation?
A: This can vary from line of business to line of business and from carrier to carrier; in an effort to provide excellent customer service, we strive to do our best to issue binds within 24 hours.


Q: When are Commission Paid?
A: Commission checks are issued on the 30th of each month.

Q: May I keep my commission?
A: Yes, if agency billed. When in doubt, either contact your Abram Interstate Field or Agent Marketing Representative or our Accounting Department (916) 780-7000.
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Q: How can I make a payment for my customer?
A: Payment can vary from carrier to carrier. Most payments are accepted through our office either by mailing a check or Online HERE.

An Insured can also utilize the following websites for direct bill policies:

Q: When is payment due for a new policy bound? Renewals? Endorsements?
A: Payment is due at time of binding for new policies and by due date or date of expiration for renewals. Endorsements should be paid within 7 days.

Q: What form of payments do we accept?
A: Abram Interstate only accepts checks, money orders, and credit cards (available for Online Payments HERE)


Q: How do I make a change to a policy?
A: Send a detailed description of changes needed to service@abraminterstate.com.
If requesting to remove or delete coverage, a signed statement from the named insured will be required.

Q: How do I cancel a policy?
A: A signed cancellation request (LPR) is required to cancel coverage on any policy and should be emailed to service@abraminterstate.com or faxed to 916-780-7181. The request must include the policy number, insured’s name, effective date of cancellation and be signed by the named insured listed on the policy. Additional information may be required depending on the circumstance.

Q: What do I do when a lender wants an Evidence of Insurance?
A: We do not generate EOI’s here, that’s for the licensed Retail Agent to generate.
The agent is free to generate the EOI, once they have sent the change request to service@abraminterstate.com with all required information or documentation and have confirmation that the change is acceptable.

NOTE – If the lender is requesting EOI on a bind request, you will need to confirm with an account manager in the appropriate department that the bind was received and is acceptable prior to releasing an EOI, since the retail agent does not have binding authority.

Q: How do I request a mortgagee change?
A: Please provide the full mortgage clause, mortgage position with reference to the insured’s name and policy number. Mortgage changes can be submitted by fax to 916-780-7181 or by email to service@abraminterstate.com

Q: When will I get my return premium for policy cancelled?
A: Return premiums are generally returned 30 days from our processing date.


Q: How do I rate Travelers, & Safeco on FSC?
A: Within the FSC main view screen:

  • Select the Setup link located under the Application heading.
  • Select the appropriate line of business such as Homeowners and check the box next to carrier name you would like to rate.
  • In the section that reads Agent Code enter the following codes:
    • SAFECO = 154013
    • TRAVELERS = 0CJR21

PLEASE EMAIL YOUR QUOTE FILE to apps@abraminterstate.com.
To do so: from the FSC Rater select Tools, then select Email Quote File.

Once received, it will be verified and a quote will be sent to you with a request for any additional information and/or option to bind if applicable.

Click HERE for our complete FSC User Guide.

Q: What do I need to get a quote?
A: You can submit completed ACORD applications to apps@abraminterstate.com or visit our instant quotes page for various online rating systems.

Q: How do I fill out an ACORD form?
A: There are various videos and documents that will assist with this process.  One of our favorites is FORMS BOSS.  They offer free print and complete ACORD forms, along with online forms for a small fee.  They also have INSTRUCTIONS for each ACORD form.

Q: What is the turnaround time for a quote?
A: Our turnaround time can vary depending on the line of business. In an effort to provide excellent customer service, we have a standard 24-48 hour turnaround time for completed applications that do not require carrier approval.

Q: How do I get help with a user name and password?
A: To request a new user name and password for one of our online rating systems, please use the email links on the Instant Quotes page for the rater you would like to access.  Be sure to include your agency email signature so we know who you are!  If you are having difficulty signing in, you may call our office at 916-780-7000 and ask for the marketing department.  You may also seek help by using our chat feature or emailing your technical support question to marketing@abraminterstate.com.