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Food Truck Insurance – Coverage for the trend that’s staying

Published on July 15, 2014

Know what trend doesn’t seem to be going away soon? Well, hipster glasses and beards, for one. But another is the Food Truck Phenomenon. It preceded the hipster era, and while it’s growing still even more with the “hipster culture,” it also doesn’t look like they’re going to be going the nobody-knows-why-we-did-that way of the bell-bottoms and parachute pants anytime soon.

And where there are food trucks, there is a need for food truck insurance!

Check out our wholesale food truck insurance market and get your customers on their way to making modern culinary history!

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For your food truck insurance customers, here’s a helpful article about starting up a food truck, looking at actual cost, pit-falls, and tips for making sure they make it as a viable option in this food truck world.

And here is an interesting infographic from Intuit.



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