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HOA & COA Insurance – Product Highlight

Published on March 29, 2016

Thirty years ago, California had 7,000 Homeowners associations as more and more people started to move into condos, town homes and the like. Now in California, there are almost 50,000 community associations (homeowners associations and condominium owner associations), and approximately 10 million Californians live in areas regulated by these community associations.

According to the Orange County Register,

HOAs are nonprofit associations of homeowners formed to maintain a development’s common areas and protect property values. Restrictions spelled out in property deeds require homeowners to comply with their rules and pay monthly assessments for common expenses.

In the typical condo, associations take care of the landscaping, clubhouse and pool, maintain elevators and make repairs to commonly owned structures, walks, roads and parking areas.

The other side, however, is that community associations have become a 10.8 billion dollar industry in the state of California. And while HOAs and COAs have obvious differences, they are and need to be run like a business. Like any other business in the state of California, HOAs and COAs need insurance. Browse the data below from hoa-cpa.com to see the number of community associations in your area and to start brainstorming how to reach out to this part of the market. Then, see below for our HOA Insurance and COA Insurance Product Highlights!

Area Associations Units Est. Annual Rev.
California 49,720 assns 4.8 million units 10.8 billion dollars
Northern California 16,668 assns 1.6 million units 3.4 billion dollars
Southern California 33,032 assns 3.2 million units 7.5 billion dollars
Alameda County 1,996 assns 151,000 units 410 million dollars
Butte County 190 assns 14,000 units 23 million dollars
Contra Costa County 1,268 assns 164,000 units 343 million dollars
El Dorado County 236 assns 125,000 units 62 million dollars
Fresno County 471 assns 47,000 units 74 million dollars
Kern County 461 assns 89,000 units 100 million dollars
Los Angeles County 15,167 assns 596,000 units 2.1 billion dollars
Marin County 524 assns 32,000 units 122 million dollars
Mono County 172 assns 14,000 units 46 million dollars
Monterey County 391 assns 35,000 units 66 million dollars
Napa County 176 assns 11,000 units 30 million dollars
Nevada County 261 assns 39,000 units 64 million dollars
Orange County 4,710 assns 828,000 units 1.7 billion dollars
Placer County 651 assns 118,000 units 156 million dollars
Riverside County 2,278 assns 684,000 units 860 million dollars
Sacramento County 952 assns 139,000 units 266 million dollars
San Bernardino County 1,031 assns 186,000 units 366 million dollars
San Diego County 6,561 assns 673,000 units 1.7 billion dollars
San Francisco County 2,720 assns 78,000 units 416 million dollars
San Joaquin County 361 assns 69,000 units 93 million dollars
San Luis Obispo County 631 assns 47,000 units 66 million dollars
San Mateo County 1,001 assns 79,000 units 244 million dollars
Santa Barbara County 874 assns 37,000 units 141 million dollars
Santa Clara County 2,371 assns 162,000 units 476 million dollars
Santa Cruz County 584 assns 22,000 units 52 million dollars
Solano County 259 assns 34,000 units 68 million dollars
Sonoma County 690 assns 48,000 units 100 million dollars
Stanislaus County 231 assns 23,000 units 44 million dollars
Tulare County 198 assns 15,000 units 22 million dollars
Ventura County 1,043 assns 130,000 units 329 million dollars
Other Northern Calif Counties 1,187 assns 235,000 units 213 million dollars
Other Southern Calif Counties 97 assns 5,000 units 10 million dollars

Homeowners Associations Insurance & Condo Associations Insurance

HOA & COA Product Highlight:

  • No cap on the number of units for Residential HOAs
  • Property coverage available for HOA’s with fences, signs, lights, and buildings
  • Acceptable exposures include playgrounds, pools, and tennis courts
  • Any buildings constructed prior to 1978 are subject to company approval

Optional Coverages
Blanket Limits
Business Personal Property
Directors and Officers Liability

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