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5 Small Ways To Enjoy Summer (While Sitting In Your Insurance Agency Office)

Published on June 25, 2015

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We know it’s been hot like summer for months now in California, but now that it’s late June, summer has officially begun! However, your office is still open and operating, taking care of insurance needs as if the beautiful weather outside brings no difference to your business life. You’re stuck inside, and instead of looking out a resort window at the beach, the closest thing you have is a stock image of a beach on your desktop.

While you can, and probably should take a vacation of your own (see our post next week on this), while you’re still at your insurance office working away (which, by the way, you can quote online here), we have some small tricks that will help you make the most of a summer in the office.

1. Lighten Up

Do you have windows near your work space? Is your lighting sufficient? If no to either of those, think about bringing in an extra lamp to make your environment brighter while you work to curb those cravings to be outside constantly.

2. Fruit Infused water

Too macho or practical for fruit in your water? So be it, but this is a simple way to tell your taste buds that you haven’t forgotten about them and you want to give them a fresh way to hydrate. You can literally slice fruit and put it in your water (our suggestions: choose from strawberries, cucumbers, mint, lemon, pineapple, oranges, and whole berries). Or you can go the easier route and use something like Mio or Crystal Light to summer-ize your hydration ritual.

3. Change Up Your Playlist

Whether you listen to something like the classic “Summer” by Calvin Harris to get you in that summer mood, or you just listen to Spotify’s  “song of the summer” list from the past decade, you can change your mood by simply listening to something lighter. Find whatever makes you happy and play that (on repeat if you need to).

4. Buy a Plant for your Work Space

Bring the outside (and some fresh oxygen) to your indoor work space. While you might not be outside, at least you can see some green. Bonus, if you get a succulent not only will you be super trendy, but you will have to do minimal watering to keep that sucker alive. Win win.

5. Get Outside Everyday

Maybe that means adjusting your work schedule so you can come in earlier to leave earlier with more daylight left. Or maybe it means getting up earlier to get outside for a run or even just having your morning coffee outside on your patio. If nothing else, use your lunch break to go for a walk or eat your lunch outside. Either way, in the U.S. the majority of us are deficient in our vitamin D levels, and that outside time is key to helping you catch up and boost not only your mood, but your energy and efficiency.

We’re happy you’re at your office working because we value your business (we’re here too!), but it doesn’t mean we all have to miss out on summer. Have any other tips to share on how you take advantage of the summer? Share them with us on our Facebook page!

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