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2 Steps to Use the Internet to Grow Business | Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on July 28, 2016

Many children could tell you about the latest funny insurance commercial they saw. Maybe it was “havoc” pretending to be a teenage girl not paying attention while he drove, or maybe it was one of those notorious cavemen or gecko ads.

But in these days of big name Insurance, there are still many people who would choose a local, independent insurance agent like you. The question you need to ask is: How do they find you?

One of the reasons those big-name companies have become house-hold names is not just through the TV, but through the internet, which, luckily, is an available tool for you, too.


Here are two tips for optimizing your internet presence:

  1. Review and fix your business listings online. Small businesses are often unaware of what information is out there about them on the great world wide web. Google your businesses name to see all of the places you’re listed, and take the time to verify that all the information is correct. If it’s incorrect, contact the listing company and fix it. Having the correct information about you online can be immensely helpful in the public’s ability to find you. On the other hand, having incorrect information out there could frustrate potential customers and quickly lead them elsewhere. Fixing these listings shouldn’t cost you anything. (Also, if you don’t have a google+ listing, create one for yourself. Google is unlikely to ever rank you in it’s “places” listing at the top of the search if you haven’t been listed with them.)
  2. Get Reviews.  According to Paul Bascobert at propertycasualty360.com, a recent survey showed “36% of consumers said that a business with such reviews has a competitive advantage, and 40% said they expect it. However, less than one in 10 consumers (7%) have been asked to write a review of a local business, even though the vast majority (89%) said they would be willing to do so if they had a positive experience and were asked.”
Make it a habit to ask your customers to take the time to review you on sites such as google+, yelp, etc. People look to reviews now more than ever when it comes to trusting an unknown company with their business. This is a quick, free way to make your business a more visible and trusted option as people are searching for an insurance agent in your area.

Of course, you also want to have something good to offer your insurance customers once they’ve found your agency. Abram Interstate offers you competitive wholesale insurance markets for Commercial Lines, Personal Lines, and Agribusiness. Quote Online HERE Now.

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