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How to Help Someone Who Lost a Home in the Fires | Personal Lines Insurance Product Highlight

Published on November 13, 2018

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“We provide insurance products that help our customers make people whole when unexpected events or catastrophes happen.”

Every Monday morning, Ron Abram asks our team, “Why are we here?” and that is the answer.

For those who work here at Abram Interstate, that is the foundational value of insurance. It’s to offer a plan B. To be there  providing an end-product that says, “this doesn’t make it OK that this happened, but you will be OK. We have your back.”

And if you work in the Insurance Industry, that’s the value of your life’s work, too. We exist to make people whole again. To get them back to where they were before the event occurred.

In the wake of the Camp Fire, the Woolsey fire, and the other fires burning through the state of California right now, you play an important role in terms of processing claims and assisting fire victims with their insurance needs.

But we all also have to opportunity to reach outside of our circles and to support those in need on a human level. Not because you’re their insurance agent (even though, maybe you are). But because we’re all people, we’re all Californians, and we all must be in this together. And through that, in time, we will become whole again, together, too.

Here are some practical tips for helping someone who has lost a home to the fires: (Via a KQED news article by Carolynn Spezza)

  • Ask how you can help, even (especially) if you live far away.  Support from those living afar is invaluable after a disaster because the natural, local network has been compromised. Nearby friends and family who would normally fill the role of helper may be walking around in a daze or scrambling to rebuild their own lives.
  • Offer to host children for play dates or game nights.   One of the hardest aspects of a fire can be managing a seemingly endless stream of phone calls, paperwork, driving and decisions amidst children so deserving of affection. There are no accolades for a person who pops a bowl of popcorn and plays Candyland with a child, but I hold it as a gift to the world, especially after a fire, when the world seems to be spinning ever so fast.
  • Gather gift cards.  After the Valley Fire, there were days when gift cards lifted my soul enough to keep me going. I could feel utterly exhausted in my new life, with two weary kids beside me, but as I swiped a gift card to help pay for yet another cart of stuff, a feeling of kindness would fill my body. I knew I was not alone. I was seen and cared for ‐ both by people who knew me, and by people who barely knew my name.
  • If you are a close friend living locally, realize that this may be a marathon, not a sprint.  It will likely take years for people who lost a home to navigate the maddening insurance and financial process ahead, replace basic necessities and bring warmth back to a home. Get ready, and pace yourself.

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Homeowners & Dwelling Fire Insurance Product Highlights:

Homeowners & Dwelling Fire 

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  • HO-3, HO-8, DP1, & DP3
  • Extended Replacement Cost – Contents Replacement Cost Available
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  • Personal Injury Available
  • Scheduled Personal Property
  • Minor Renovation Work
  • Seasonal/Secondary/Vacation Rentals
  • Older or Lower Value Homes (Must Be Well Maintained)
  • Brush Areas w/ 200 ft. Clearance
  • Protection Classes 1-10
  • Log Homes
  • Hobby Farms
  • Slope Issues – OK
  • Post & Pier – OK
  • Multiple Losses – OK
  • Wood Stoves – OK
  • Wood & Flat Roofs – OK
  • Lapse In Coverage – OK
  • LLC, Trust, Corporation – OK
  • Private Lenders OK


Please Note: No new binds will be accepted currently for Butte County, LA County, Ventura County, or anywhere within 30 miles of an active fire. The binding moratorium will not be lifted until 100% containment is achieved.

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