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How to Prevent Burnout Part 2 | Business Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on November 17, 2016


As we brought up last week, 87 percent of employees are “not engaged” or are “actively disengaged” from their jobs worldwide. This means that, on average, burnt out employees outnumber the engaged employees 2 to 1 (Source).

The reasons for burnout can be widespread, but it’s easy to acknowledge that stress seems to run higher around this time of year. The time just changed, days are getting shorter, families are getting more tired, deadlines loom, and the holidays, while enjoyable, come with much to do.

Burnout is a threat to anyone in business, and as your Wholesale Insurance Broker, we want to make sure you and your business are taken care of. Last week we shared two ways to avoid burnout that we found in an article on 99u.com.

Here are 2 more ways to avoid burnout that you can implement this week:

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Make downtime a daily ritual.

To help relieve pressure, schedule daily blocks of downtime to refuel your brain and well-being. It can be anything from meditation to a nap, a walk, or simply turning off the wifi for a while:

When it comes to scheduling, we will need to allocate blocks of time for deep thinking. Maybe you will carve out a 1-2 hour block on your calendar every day for taking a walk or grabbing a cup of coffee and just pondering some of those bigger things. I can even imagine a day when homes and apartments have a special switch that shuts down wi-fi and data access during dinner or at night – just to provide a temporary pause from the constant flow of status updates and other communications…

There is no better mental escape from our tech-charged world than the act of meditation. If only for 15 minutes, the ability to steer your mind away from constant stimulation is downright liberating. There are various kinds of meditation. Some forms require you to think about nothing and completely clear your mind. (This is quite hard, at least for me.) Other forms of meditation are about focusing on one specific thing – often your breath, or a mantra that you repeat in your head (or out loud) for 10-15 minutes…

If you can’t adopt meditation, you might also try clearing your mind the old fashioned way – by sleeping. The legendary energy expert and bestselling author Tony Schwartz takes a 20-minute nap every day. Even if it’s a few hours before he presents to a packed audience, he’ll take a short nap.

 Track your progress every day.

Keeping track allows you to see exactly how much is on your plate, not only day-to-day, but consistently over time:

Disappointing feedback can be painful at first – research shows that failure and losses can hurt twice as much as the pleasure of equivalent gains. But if you discover you’re off course, reliable feedback shows you by how much, and you then have the opportunity to take remedial action and to plot a new training regime or writing schedule. The temporary pain of negative feedback is nothing compared with the crushing experience of project failure. Better to discover that you’re behind and need to start writing an hour earlier each day, than to have your book contract rescinded further down the line because you’ve failed to deliver.

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