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How To Take a Holiday Break from your work | Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on November 19, 2015

With Thanksgiving next week, the holiday season is about to be in full-swing. This can be a stressful time for anyone, but especially for small business owners like Insurance Agents. If you want to take some time off from your business during the holiday season, there’s good news — it can be done! But, the key is to planning ahead to do it well. There’s a reason that the parent-stepping-out-to-take-a-business-call-during-Christmas-Eve-dinner is a common part of Christmas movies. Because it’s understandably hard, sometimes, to pull yourself away from the business that keeps you afloat.

Here are some tips from Small Business Trends to help you prepare for this season and to take time off the right way — whether that’s 10 hours off or 10 days.

  • Plan Ahead. Don’t leave all the preparation for the last minute or you’ll end up trying to cover a week’s worth of work in a day. Keep a reminder of the dates on your desk so that you don’t schedule any important meetings or events for that time.
  • Do a little bit of extra work whenever possible over the few weeks leading up to your vacation so that you don’t get overwhelmed directly before or after.
  • Let People Know You’re On Vacation. Set an automatic email response telling people that you’re out of town and when you’ll return. Call the clients and colleagues you talk to most before you leave to tell them when you’ll be gone and how they can contact you in case of emergency.
  • Only Bring What’s Most Important. You may want to bring a few work items with you in case something comes up that you absolutely need to take care of. Only bring the most important items and leave the rest behind. You don’t want to get tempted to work too much or forget anything when you leave.
  • Set a Designated Work Time. If you absolutely need to work while you’re on vacation, set designated time for you to do tasks like checking email and making phone calls.
    You don’t want your work to completely takeover what is supposed to be a vacation.
  • Ask For Help.  If you have employees or business partners, ask them for help with little tasks that need to be done while you’re away.
  • Relax and Enjoy. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in your business that it’s difficult to enjoy your vacation. But taking a break from your business and clearing your head can be just as important as checking those items off your to-do list. Make relaxation a priority and have your family members or friends you’re traveling with keep you in check.

Taking time away from your Insurance Agency can seem like a risk, or maybe even irresponsible, but we all need time to enjoy life and slow down for those important moments like the holidays. Taking a break can help clear your mind and bring a fresh perspective and a fresh worker back to your business when you return.

At Abram Interstate we want to help make your job go smoothly. That’s why we offer the wholesale insurance markets we have. It’s why we teach classes and pass on business tips. We want you to be the best Insurance Agent you can be, and sometimes, it means taking a break.

We’ll be here before and after your time off to help you place the commercial lines insurance, personal lines insurance, and agri-business insurance that your customers require.

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