Abram Interstate Insurance Services, Inc., CMGA

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In the Community

Here at Abram Interstate Insurance Services, Inc., we believe it is our responsibility to help strengthen the communities where we work and live. We encourage our employees to play active parts in their communities through philanthropic giving. Our diverse, talented employee base is bringing REAL value to the community organizations they serve.

Loaves and Fishes

One of the perks of working at Abram Interstate Insurance Services, Inc. is that we get the opportunity once a month to volunteer at a local charity organization, Loaves and Fishes . We are given leave from work to do so. It’s in Sacramento, California and its motto is “feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless.” The organization has many programs that assist those in need. One of their most visible programs is their Dining Room Operation. Seven days a week, 364 days a year, Loaves and Fishes’ dining room is open and serves a balanced midday meal to their 600-1,000 guests that come in each day.

We work side by side with other volunteers from the community. Some are retired law enforcement; some are people who just want to give back. Many are there because of court-mandated community service, and many are there because they’re part of Loaves and Fishes programs.  Several are working in the dining hall to gain work experience, as a part of their road to getting off the streets.


Other Ways We Give Back Together

Here, Near, and Far

  • Local efforts like The Salvation Army coat drive in Placer County
  • National organizations like Fisher House.  The foundation has 69 houses nationwide at major military and VA medical centers. They provide free housing for military families while their family members require medical attention.
  • Worldwide organizations like World Vision. We are proud to have raised enough funds out of our own individual pockets to have provided a fish pond and fishing kit to a community in need in a developing country.