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Incentive Highlight: Garage Insurance

Published on September 25, 2014

Have you heard? We have a fall Incentive going on right now where you can earn extra cash on certain policies. One of the types of policies that qualifies is our wholesale garage insurance that we have available for you and your hard-working customers.

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Pete owns an auto repair shop in your town and you’ve known him for years. His son is the same age as your daughter in school so you’ve been at all the soccer games, band concerts, and back to school nights with him through the years. You’ve always kept good care of your cars so actually, you’d never needed a tow in your adult life — until today. Luckily, you’re also Pete’s insurance agent, and you know that you got him coverage through Abram Interstate Insurance Services that covers him having a tow truck that can come pick you up from the side of the road and tow you to his garage for repairs. You took care of Pete in making sure he had the right garage insurance for his needs, and he’s now taking care of you. His tow truck arrives in minutes, and you still make it to the kids soccer practice that night. Easy Peasy.

That’s what happens when you take care of your customers needs. Then they can take care of business. And sometimes, that business is you.

Wholesale Garage Insurance/

Wholesale Auto Repair Shop Insurance

  • Our wholesale garage insurance market allows for customer towing, and collision repair unlike many other markets.

  • AND you earn $25 extra for every new Commercial GL & Property policy bound with Travelers. Garage insurance policies qualify! View Incentive Details HERE
  • This guide is a fantastic resource to assist you when asking your prospects for information about their business.  Please keep in mind that not all risks will be eligible for the Travelers Select program and we may offer an alternative market if available.
  • When you submit a risk to our office, you may use the Travelers Question Guide, however it will need to be accompanied by the applicable Acord form(s) as well.

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