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Insure Winter Weddings Now

Published on November 24, 2015

Did you know that more people get engaged in December than in any other month? And aside from those getting engaged and starting to plan their wedding, are those whose big day is happening FAST.

Winter weddings are a growing trend, especially in the more mild climates of our beautiful California state. Many venues offer winter wedding special pricing, and those weddings need wedding insurance.

While some states see nearly no weddings in the winter months, California still sees about 20% of weddings in it’s $8 billion industry taking place in the winter.

Help your insurance customers prepare for their winter weddings and their other special events taking place this winter with Abram Interstate’s competitive Wedding Insurance and Special Event Insurance products.

Wedding Insurance & Special Event Insurance

Product Highlights:

  • Premiums as low as $250
  • Limits up to $2MM
  • One-day or multiple day events eligible
  • Up to 500 attendees
  • Host Liquor Liability available when purchased with General Liability

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