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Interstate Insurance Tip: First 3 Things to Do On a Car Accident Site

Published on February 13, 2013

Any interstate insurance agent is going to tell you that the first few things you need to do on a car accident site is to not get into an auto accident. However, if you do,  there are a few things you can do to skew the outcome in your favor.  Here are the first 3 things our interstate insurance agents advise you do in the event you are in an accident:


Human memory isn’t like a tape recorder like most people think. It’s actually more like a little old man that lives in your brain that tells you what he THINKS you need to know. He edits the tape, changes it over time to the point where things may not even be what you remember them to be – after a trauma like an auto accident this goes without saying. Document everything, write it down, that way your memory can’t get in the way.

Get as Much Evidence as You Can

You need to get as much evidence as you can. Take pictures of things before the other side can move their car, take pictures of the other driver, take pictures of yourself. Again, your memory can be your worst enemy when you’re in this kind of auto accident and you want to make sure that you’re protected – especially if you’re going to take things to trial.

Call Your Insurance Company

If the other side says you can “settle things between yourselves”, alarm bills should ring in your head. This is a veteran of auto accidents and you want to contact your insurance company and an auto accident lawyer right away.