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Interstate Insurance Tip: Keeping Tires Healthy in Winter

Published on January 16, 2013

No one wants to end up in an auto accident just because they didn’t know what they were doing with their tires. Our interstate insurance agents witness the results of having unhealthy winter tires everyday. Here are some tips from our interstate insurance agents on how to keep your tires healthy in the winter:

Install Winter Tires on Every Tire on Your Car

Every wheel of your care needs winter tires installed, not just one, two or three of them! You’re going to want to go to a professional to get it installed – if you’re in an auto accident you can turn to your receipt to prove that you did due diligence on your car.

All Tires Should Be the Same – Mixing Tires is a Recipe for Trouble

All treads, sizes and tractions for each of your tires should be the SAME. This a stability issue and if you ask any auto accident lawyer about people that have had to pay out big, they’ll point to people that just didn’t have the right stability for their car. Even if you have to replace one tire at a time, make sure they match up with the others.

Worn Tires Should be Replaced

Work tires should be replaced, and your pressure should be checked monthly. You don’t want to overinflate your tires – if you’re not sure where your tires should be at ask a mechanic. Don’t get into an auto accident, take good care of your tires and they’ll be healthy year round.