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Lessons From How 7 Successful People View Their Mistakes | Business Tips

Published on June 18, 2015

We all make mistakes. It’s human. The thing is to learn how to make mistakes into opportunities to learn and do better. Or at least to do things differently.

When I was about to enter college I was told and embraced the fact that I was a storyteller. It was something I was good at and loved to do.  That’s how I entered as a broadcast journalism major thinking I would become a news anchor or field reporter. But in my first semester of college something happened. I was handed an obligatory radio show for one of my classes that I had to host and run every week for the university radio station.

I hated it. And more importantly, I wasn’t good at it. I would sit in my tiny radio booth, chattering away like a host was supposed to do, and while I think I was at least marginally entertaining, when it came time to play music — you know, like a music radio host is supposed to do — I was too ill equipped. I didn’t know the names of anyone who made music. I had always mooched on the listening preferences of others and I couldn’t tell you — and couldn’t find to play it — any of the music I knew that I liked. In the end, I just played a lot of Jack Johnson and John Mayer because they were a couple of the big names that sounded familiar.

Needless to say, the radio show was not a bit hit. For the campus audience, for my grade in the class, or for my personal satisfaction.

Also that same first semester, though, I had my first ever print journalism class. Up until then I’d also come to realize that writing came easily and I seemed to be good at it. I’d only ever written in literature classes though, and I wasn’t interested in career in literature analysis. But then came this journalism class and the world of non-fiction writing about real things and real people captured me. While my door was closing to the broadcast journalism world I had a brief moment of despair — what will I do if I don’t, or can’t, do broadcast journalism? I thought.

Then I realized what I wanted — I switched my major and my life trajectory to the written word and have never looked back. I can’t imagine what life would be like if I hadn’t discovered my passion for writing. But it took admitting that I wasn’t good at what I had set out to do, and that I wanted to be good at what I’d stumbled upon along the way.

Now, hear from LinkedIn influencers about what they’ve learned from their mistakes and how their careers have been different because of it.

“My lesson from my “mistake”? Staying in the pack might have been the safe play, but it wasn’t the right play.” READ MORE

– Sallie Krawcheck, Chief of Ellevate Network and Ellevate Asset Management

“Successful people never look backwards with regret. They always look forward.” READ MORE

— Maynard Webb, Chairman, Yahoo!; Former COO, eBay

“Our fate is in our hands. Believe in your vision, and your biggest ‘mistake’ can become the best decision of your life.” READ MORE

— Toby Cosgrove, CEO and President, Cleveland Clinic

“Would I be here if I had stuck it out in college for one more year, then went on to get my MBA? Maybe not.” READ MORE

— Ryan Holmes, CEO at Hootsuite

“In the throes of crisis, opportunity will be granted to those that persist.” READ MORE

— Blanca Trevino, President and CEO, Softtek

“Saying no immediately because you are awkward or insecure or unsure of the outcome or worried about poking your nose out earns you an immediate F not just on a report card, but in life.” READ MORE

— Ann Handley, Author, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs

“The best thing about ideas is that they are like buses — there is always another one coming.” READ MORE

— Richard Branson, Founder at Virgin Group

Sometimes as an independent agent it can feel like the grass is greener on the other side, or “Man, I really bombed that,” or a whole myriad of thoughts that come with doing business for yourself. But we at Abram Interstate are here because we believe in you, and we want to help you as you learn from your mistakes and go forward into greater things. As your MGA, we want you to be there to help with your wholesale personal lines, commercial lines, and agribusiness insurance needs. But we also want to help you become the best agent you can be. Remember, successful people always look forward.

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